Rajesh Khanna
By Rajesh Khanna - President and founder VBeyond, VBeyond
Q1) Hi, can you introduce yourself? A) I am Rajesh Khanna (President & Founder of VBeyond corporation). I have...  more>>
Satish K Palvai
By Satish K Palvai - CTO, Xactly Corporation
Today, companies spend billions of dollars on sales compensation, which is the primary way to track and reward sales...  more>>
Atul Bansal
By Atul Bansal - CEO, Timesys Corporation
Development of embedded devices based on open source Linux isn't easy. The growing adoption of Linux and need for...  more>>
Giri Gondi
By Giri Gondi - CEO , Tecra
The fundamental issues that haunt companies in the personalized content delivery and print automation industry are the...  more>>
Ravender Goyal
By Ravender Goyal - Presiden & CEO, Sureline Systems
Based in Santa Clara, CA, with locations in Tokyo and India, Sureline Systems was founded in 2009 by leading business...  more>>
Raj Mukhi
By Raj Mukhi - CEO, Software Catalysts
Once a business owner defines the needs to take a business to the next level, a decision maker defines a scope, cost and a...  more>>
Milind Gokarn
By Milind Gokarn - CEO, Selective System
A majority of enterprises in industries such as semiconductors, medical devices, life sciences, high tech, networking and...  more>>
Jagdish Repaswal
By Jagdish Repaswal - CEO, MangoSense
The schools and parents of today demands for fresh interactive, engaging and fun content with a goal of providing a better...  more>>
Sanjay Sathe
By Sanjay Sathe - President & CEO, RiseSmart
RiseSmart Transition, and its employee-centric career-management platform, RiseSmart Compass, RiseSmart helps...  more>>
Harbinder Khara
By Harbinder Khara - CEO , MindMatrix
The three key challenges that businesses with channel partners usually face involve enabling the channel partners to...  more>>
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