Tete-a-Tete with Mr. Rajesh Khanna, President & founder VBeyond

Q1) Hi, can you introduce yourself?

A) I am Rajesh Khanna (President & Founder of VBeyond corporation). I have 22+ years of experience in Talent Acquisition in various markets such as India, US, Singapore etc. After 12 years of corporate career, last 10 years journey of creating a company in the TA space has been exhilarating.  I am based out of Hillsborough, NJ and apart from recruiting, the world of Bollywood, technology gadgets and American football (NFL) keeps me engaged.

Q2) Can you tell us something about your company VBeyond?

A) VBeyond is a 10 year young Staffing & Search firm- by the Professionals, for the Professionals and of the Professionals! VBeyond is engaged and focused only in solving the Talent Acquisition problems of enterprises in North America.  We started our operations from a facility here in Hillsborough and since then we have grown to be an 80+ consultants, 140+ recruiter organization with delivery facilities in US and India. Every year we have the privilege of hiring more than 1000+ professionals for our clients in Technology, IT services, Consumer and BFSI sector.  The professionals we hire could be in the field of IT, Analytics, supply chain, Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR etc.

Q3) What are the services that your company offers?

A) VBeyond offers a host of services primarily around talent acquisition viz:

  • IT Staffing & recruitment
  • Executive search and hiring
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing(RPO) services
  • Talent mapping & compensation survey
  • IT Consulting

Also, to be a genuine value add partner for our clients, we try to understand the industry imperatives and nuances which is further backed up by ISO 9001 processes.

Q4) What is ‘Recruitment Process Outsourcing’?

A) Recruitment process outsourcing is a form of BPO business where an organization outsources full or a part of its recruitment vertical to an external service provider. Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers, can manage end to end recruiting/hiring process, or can partially manage few aspects of the recruiting process for the organizations outsourcing their recruitment process. In other words the RPO providers essentially serve as an extension of the company’s HR Department.

Q5) What do RPO services involve?

A) Primarily RPO providers offer specific services that are intended to improve what the client is already doing for recruiting, or work with a company’s recruiters to do more and do better. In couple of cases RPO Provider’s take care of its client’s complete recruiting function. Few services offered by an RPO Provider include:

  • Candidate search
  • Compliance tracking
  • Reporting & audits
  • Hiring manager training
  • Third party vendor management

RPO providers have the ownership of planning and managing the recruitment process for its clients and are responsible for results. Therefore from a client’s standpoint, it is easier to hold providers accountable and to hire the right talent for them.

Q6) Why should a company choose to outsource full or a part of its Recruitment function?

A) Recruitment process outsourcing may be a good choice for a company’s recruiting needs because RPO is much more of a relationship than traditional outsourcing services, and is much more than paying someone else to do it all for you. You need to be committed to boosting your employment brand and to finding the best talent possible, instead of filling positions and simply finding people who are qualified. Couples of benefits for companies to outsource the recruitment function are:

Reduced recruiting costs: Companies spend a lot of money on recruiters and job boards, or waste a lot of money through high turnover rates due to which time is simply wasted in lengthy hiring processes. An RPO provider can reduce costs by reorganizing the organizations recruiting process and showcasing how to find good candidates with less efforts and money.

Scalable Recruiting Capacity: There are many employers in the market who look for seasonal employees to meet the market requirements. If you are one of them, RPO can help you to ramp up/down to as per your requirement. RPO can also help companies who are ramping up and need help in scaling up their recruitment capacity to address their augmentation.

Improved candidate quality: A good candidate for a hiring manager is much more than just experience and education, the individual should pocess a great personality along with previous accomplishments. RPO Service can help you in getting eminent qualities in the candidates you are looking for.

  • Increased Hiring Manager Satisfaction: With the partnership of an RPO provider, hiring managers will be more contented with what’s consummate and how candidates are recruited and on boarded.

​​​Enhanced Employment Brand: The employment brand is essentially the identity of the company as an employer, and when every other aspect of the recruiting process is in position, the employment brand improves. If the hiring quality improves, it attracts the potential candidates for your organization. If hiring managers are satisfied and are working in a consistent recruit-to-hire process, then people who go through that process will only have positive feedback about the process it and the company as an employer

Q7) How is RPO different & better than traditional recruiting?

A) The primary difference is that RPO doesn't end with filling a position that's gone unfilled, but in working with an organization's recruiting process as a whole and doing more than just filling a position. RPO will also look at turnover rates, technology, scalability, and how much time it takes to fill a position.

Recruitment process outsourcing is never one and done. It's more typical for RPO companies to work with their clients for several years, constantly improving their recruiting processes.

Q8) Please name few of your clients?

A) I am sorry due to Non Disclosure agreement that we have with our clients, I cannot take the name of our clients however, just to let you know we work in the domains of IT, Retail, manufacturing, ITES/BPO/KPO, digital analytics, BFSI etc and we have partnered with fortune100 clients.

Q9) Highlight your organizational culture and employee programs?

A) VBeyond has created a great emphasis on building a culture on the foundations of knowledge, meritocracy and transparency. Average age of our recruiter is 26 years. We have a state of the art infrastructure with equal emphasis on work discipline and ethics, provisioning of recreational facilities, Knowledge based events- quiz/ in house magazines, team outings, birthday celebrations, a bottom up driven AOP etc are all manifestations of a professional work culture of a young work force. Our Annual Conference "eNVISION" has become a unique employee proposition and overall we are living the philosophy of "partnering for growth"- partnering with Clients, partnering with the talent community and partnering with our employees.

Q10) How does your company harbor innovation among the employees?

  1. On the innovation parameter, I believe we have done a decent job though we have got miles to go. Some of the products/tools we have built ‘Dropout predictor’, ‘Intellisense Hiring- Analytics based hiring’ etc are fruits of ideas generated in-house.

    Quick Facts about VBeyond

    1) Year of incorporation: 
     2) Funding information: We are a LTM 10 mn USD organization. Completely bootstrapped and have been profitable for the last 6 years 
    3) Founding members: Rajesh Khanna and Sandeep Mitra. 
    4) Office locations:  Mumbai, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Pune and Hyderabad(upcoming) in India, Hillsborough, NJ and Atlanta, GA ( upcoming) in US 
    5) Company strength: 140+ Recruiters. In addition, we have 80+ consultants working out of client locations. 
    6) Website: www.vbeyond.com



Rajesh Khanna
Rajesh Khanna
President and founder VBeyond, VBeyond
I am Rajesh Khanna (President & Founder of VBeyond corporation). I have 22+ years of experience in Talent Acquisition in various markets such as India, US, Singapore etc. After 12 years of corporate career, last 10 years journey of creating a company