Yogesh Gupta
By Yogesh Gupta - CEO, Kaseya
IT environments continue to evolve rapidly. With new trends like cloud-based infrastructure and applications, virtualized...  more>>
Sanjeev Delhiwadkar
By Sanjeev Delhiwadkar - President & CEO, Indisoft
The financial services industry is reeling under old and inefficient technologies which lead to a requirement of extensive...  more>>
Binod Singh
By Binod Singh - CEO, ILANTUS Technologies
IT networks face increasing threats from inside and outside an organization. Conventional perimeter defenses can miss...  more>>
Mathew Augustina
By Mathew Augustina - COO, Hanna Global Solutions
In their drive for global business growth, companies face a host of problems such as immigration, compliance, payroll,...  more>>
Manish Chowdhary
By Manish Chowdhary - CEO, GoECart
In recent years, e-commerce has emerged as the fastest growing sector of the marketplace. Despite the contraction in the...  more>>
Kaman Hashmat
By Kaman Hashmat - CEO, CureMD Healthcare
Healthcare industry, today, has the technology to digitize a human being in highest definition and in ways that most...  more>>
Padmanabhan Desikachari
By Padmanabhan Desikachari - President & CEO, Appnomic Systems
As IT systems and web operations get more complex, the industry is struggling to keep up. The challenge to keep...  more>>
Venkat Nallapatti
By Venkat Nallapatti - President & CEO, AdeptPros
Enterprises have woken up to the fact that adoption of mobility applications can shorten sales cycles and serve as a...  more>>
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