November - 2005 issue
When A.G. Karunakaran “AGK” took that red eye flight to Boston in November 1996, little did he k... more>>
Celebrating the Indian entrepreneurship siliconindia brings you the eighth si100 annual listing of c... more>>
October - 2005 issue
SiRFing the GPS Wave
Pradeep Shankar
Speeding on South Korean roads? If you think no one is looking, you’d be sure to get a ticket, for... more>>
Wireless continues to be one of the most active areas of venture capital investments. The year 2004 ... more>>
September - 2005 issue
Dotcom: The second act
Ashwini Kachapeswaran
When Baidu, a Google look alike from China went public, it sent the cash registers ringing and stunn... more>>
Claims about the maturation of the software industry and death of innovation have been debated to de... more>>
August - 2005 issue
Webifying the Enterprise
Ashwini Kachapeswaran
Mike Parker-, a senior IT director at a national insurance company has a dilemma. He faces increasin... more>>
Bank in Your Card
Robin Joseph Mathews
In today’s Darwinian business environment, when the way business is done changes fast as per deman... more>>
July - 2005 issue
In the book—The World Is Flat, the latest bestseller by Thomas Friedman; the New York Times column... more>>
According to an economic study by Goldman Sachs, India can manage a six percent plus growth rate for... more>>
June - 2005 issue
@Road on Course
Robin Joseph Mathews
Jane Smith, a subscriber of British Gas, in Europe is happy and delighted with the company’s gas i... more>>
“Welcome to the VC world. Don’t expect too much money. You can’t be the next IBM, EMC or Hitac... more>>
May - 2005 issue
NIIT Technologies U.S. headquarters in Atlanta is on a holiday. All the delivery teams, sales troops... more>>
India is ready to take the next step in the software value chain–developing world-class consumer a... more>>
April - 2005 issue
Shantanu Narayen, recently appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of Adobe Systems, browses... more>>
Days of large contact centers with huge setups are ending by the minute as customers are lining up f... more>>
March - 2005 issue
Sushil Tuli: The Leader Banker
Ashwini Kachapeswaran
The Information Technology wave brought talented engineers, programmers, testers, project leaders... more>>
After capturing 75 percent of the networking market in India, Cisco is growing at a phenomenal ra... more>>
February - 2005 issue
One company that has marked its presence in the IT consultancy and services industry is Global Co... more>>
Most employees in IT departments of large enterprises are already aware of the term “Zero-Day” b... more>>

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