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February - 2017 special issue
The failure of a medical professional to correctly note down a patient's information can lead to eit... more>>
An Insight into Occupational Safety & Health at Workpla
Jitu Patel, CPEA, Ambassador - ME, India & SE Asia, and Ashok Garlapati, CSP, QEP, CMIOSH, Global VP
The economy of India is the sixth largest economy in the world measured by nominal GDP and the third... more>>
February - 2017 special issue
On a recent trip to the UK, Shyam Karthik turned on his smartphone and as soon as it booted up he re... more>>
Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize everything
Bhavin Asher, Solutions Architect, Salesforce
Everything invented in the past 150 years will be reinvented using AI within the next 15 years.... more>>
February - 2017 issue
Did you know that you can potentially run a complete call center or handle calls/SMSes with just a c... more>>
The Bull Case for India's Tech Sector
David Lawee, Partner, CapitalG-Google
We have been hearing questions in 2016 about the sustainability of some of India's largest internet ... more>>
January - 2017 special issue
In the late 90's, when generation one offshore IT services companies focused on Y2K remediation and ... more>>
Data Shaping Content Marketing
Gurmit Singh, VP & MD, Yahoo India
From email to online shopping, text messages to tweets, photo sharing to following celebrities, coll... more>>
January - 2017 special issue
Apalya Technologies has transitioned over the years from a mobile TV managed service for more than 3... more>>
Last recorded, India stood at a population of 1.252 billion. 22 official languages, 1652 mother tong... more>>
January - 2017 special issue
Any game/sport that bestows thrilling and engaged experience is worth investing time in. Rohit Sehga... more>>
Smart Cities Require the Right Intelligent Building Sol
Prem Rodrigues, Director-Sales & Marketing, Middle East, India & SAARC, Siemon
Around the world, building developers, owners and operators are striving to reap the economic and en... more>>
January - 2017 special issue
Technology continues to play an increasingly important role in QA and Testing. ... more>>
The good old system of organizations processing all business handles and tasks in-house with employe... more>>
January - 2017 issue
Silicon touches every aspect of our life. As a result, humanity has embraced technology to evolve in... more>>
Cloud & DevOps: An Evolving Relationship for a Better F
Kalyan Kumar, Executive VP & CTO-IT Services, HCL Technologies
The relationship between Cloud and DevOps has been evolving in response to the drastic societal tran... more>>