Apalya Technologies: Enabling Entertainment Everywhere

Nandini Mukherjee
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Nandini Mukherjee
Apalya Technologies has transitioned over the years from a mobile TV managed service for more than 30 operators in 11 countries reaching to build their proprietary OTT platform ('myplex') that is now available for licensing and deployment. "From a large Indonesian telco hosting a global football event in Indonesia and an Indian telecom major like Vodafone Play launching their OTT service to building the full-spectrum OTT service for one of Asia's largest media networks, our OTT platform continues to be tested at many levels and is delivering very effectively. Apalya reaches more than 100 million subscribers through various partner platforms. To put it very simply, Apalya can get you OTT ready in weeks!!" speaks Vamshi Reddy, Chief Executive Officer, Apalya Technologies.

India is among the top three content markets in the world with a very diverse content offering by a multitude of content creators that is distributed by a large number of platforms and hence building a one-stop solution for content in India is an extremely complex task. The need to strike a delicate balance between acquiring and hosting native content and integrating some prominent third party services is imperative; even more because you ensure that the user experience doesn't get compromised. Taking note of it, Vodafone Play, a seamless blend of native content and branded third party content/ services all part of one service, presently offers a wide range while keeping the user experience consistent! Thanks to Apalya Technologies. With the current obsession with going OTT, Apalya offers media owners and distributors (like telcos, cable & dth operators) a quick-to-deploy and easy-to-customise solution that can get them up and running in weeks! Apalya's unique blend of technological capability and content understanding combined with their decade long experience with mobile video deployments is a potent combination for effective and efficient OTT deployments!

The Genesis

It is said that the entrepreneurial bug is infectious. Often, we hear success stories about friends and relatives who left their successful jobs to do things their way. And succeed as well. Set up in 2005, the inception story of Apalya is one of enthusiasm and entrepreneurship. It was that point of time when Vamshi Reddy and Shiva B quit their jobs and kicked off the ambitious project to deliver live TV over mobile phones. Bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, the duo took the plunge to fight the sad state of data networks and usage of unsophisticated mobile devices that existed in 2006. Working with a typical Indian 'jugaad' mindset, they figured out ways of streaming TV over 2G networks and very soon had all the telecom operators in the country hosting their idea.

But not everything in the garden was rosy. The ecosystem was nascent and the content owners were willful to provide their content for streaming. A worthy mention of their perseverance and faith in the product that not only encouraged them to get every telco in the country to adopt Apalya's mobile TV/ video platform but also every content owner big and small to offer their content for this platform. As a result, Apalya today works with 30 plus operators and have a subscriber base of 100 million spread across 11 countries serviced by several dozen content owners. Additionally, Apalya has emerged as India's leading managed service provider of video streaming to all the leading telecom operators, handset manufacturers and content owners throughout India and now also in Sri Lanka & Indonesia.

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