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Android Apps Development Training in Bangalore

Why Android App Development Course

Model of application development is changing to App based.

Android is most popular OS for smart phones and all the businesses want to have their own Apps for Android.

If you search on naukri, monster or times job, you will see hundreds of jobs requiring 0 to 2 year experience for android app development.

MNC's are looking for these skills but can't find enough MCAs and engineers who are trained in this.

How do we do training

Course has been designed in same style as MNC train their own new employees who are freshers. Trainees are normally in our office just like regular employees from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. Every day, they learn and do programming assignments every day.

Trainees learn to work in teams like they will do in their first job. Like a job, they will have a mentor (team lead when they get a job) who is working full time as a software engineer and spends 2 hours a day with them helping them.

By the end of the course, trainees start to develop software for our US based clients so they get real life experience unlike any other institute.

For trainees, who are still students, we help them finish the project for the college.

Course Content

1. Android – Introduction

  • Android Stack Introduction and Architecture
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Android Applications
  • Security and permissions

2. Android Components

  • Activity ,Activities and Lifecycle
  • Views and ViewGroups
  • Activities and Fragments
  • Intents
  • Services
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Content Provider
  • Widgets
  • Manifest file
  • Application Context
  • Other Components

3. Development Tools

  • Android SDK
  • Android Development Tools
  • Building a simple Android Application
  • Resource editor
  • Android Virtual Device - Create and run
  • Typical Problems faced
  • API version, package and application name

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Why With Us

We are only institute in Bangalore offering courses in partnership with a US based training institute. (SiliconValley Career Institute)

Course has been developed with help of dozens of MNC's who normally hire fresher's and train them for their own jobs.

You will work on original Apple Mac Mini's to get real life experience.

We are the only training school which has a 100 person recruitment team working with top MNC's in Bangalore.

Its a 6 weeks course and after the course, our recruitment team markets the trainees to all the companies who hire for these skills in Bengalore.

We also offer internship for 6 months to sincere candidates so they have some work experience if needed.

4. Resources and Assets

  • Resources , Assets, Id
  • Resources in code
  • Resources in XML files
  • Activities and Layouts using resources

5. Layout Manager and ViewGroups

  • Layout Manager
  • LinearLayout
  • RelativeLayout
  • GridLayout
  • ScrollView

6. Android Networking and Multithreading

  • Networking- Grneral Techniques
  • HTTP and JSON
  • Multithreaded-Runnable and Async tasks

7. DDMS, Debug and Other View

  • DDMS - Dalvik Debug Monitor Server
  • LogCat View
  • File explorer
  • Breakpoints and Debug
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