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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Deepali  Garg
By Deepali Garg, Owner at Drishti Placement Consultants - Drishti Placement Consultants
A successful leader should be down to earth. He does not need to boast of his achievements instead people speak about him. He s... more>>
Nilutpal  Borah
By Nilutpal Borah, Innovation Manager - Bosch
For people who want to get into my field, I would suggest that people should nurture creativity in them. Creativity of a person... more>>
Gita  Saxena
By Gita Saxena, Manager - Director's Office - Bajaj Capital Ltd
1) A positive attitude is entirely self-determined and can be helped by accentuating the positives in any situation. Don’t se... more>>
Aarushi  Sangwan Kinra
By Aarushi Sangwan Kinra, Practice Manager - Wipro EcoEnergy
Unlearn and learn. The focus is to improve on the business skills and interpersonal skills. There's so much which needs to be l... more>>
Jitendranath  P
By Jitendranath P, Quality Lead - IT & Telecom
Knowledge is important first. Without the right knowledge one can not take the right decisions.So, one can not choose the right... more>>
Abhijit  Tannu
By Abhijit Tannu, CTO - Seclore Technology
In my view, there is a difference between Managers and Leaders. Managers manage – mostly to keep it running the way it is. Le... more>>
Venkat  Iyer
By Venkat Iyer, HR Trainer and Mgmnt Educator - intraSpect DEVELOPMENT
Broadly, we are moving towards a practical-based education, especially in B-schools. At the same time, I see that frameworks (... more>>
Prashant H Hanji
By Prashant H Hanji, Knowledge Manager - Unisys
Have realistic projections which can be achieved. Have a strong vision with firm mind and heart to overcome challenges of any s... more>>
Rajiva  Srivastava
By Rajiva Srivastava, Sr. Vice President - Human Resources - Delhi Integrated Multi Modal Transit System Ltd.
Self belief would be the key. One must focus on first, being self inspired and then winning credence among the employees. This ... more>>
Subramanian Veeraraghavan Kooveli Madom
By Subramanian Veeraraghavan Kooveli Madom, Consultant and educationist - Garden City College
• Dare to be different • If you have to challenge status quo do it here and now, as if there is no tomorrow • No one ne... more>>
Vivek  Swami
By Vivek Swami, Founder COVRI - COVRI
With all the science for project management hanging around your neck try to remember that successful project management is real... more>>
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