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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Brian  Manning
By Brian Manning, President & MD - CSC India
Leadership and Management are two diverse terms. “All managers perceived as leaders, they often are not”  Both... more>>
Suresh Kumar Goswami
By Suresh Kumar Goswami, Director / Producer - JSWM Productions
A good management is just like a beautiful environment within which the people, the work, the process, the success and the ... more>>
Marco  D'souza
By Marco D'souza, CEO - SpotMyGadget.com
A verse that never fails to inspire me--a handwritten note that was found in the room of Mother Teresa after she passed away: ... more>>
G  Srinivasan
By G Srinivasan, Founder - embWiSe Technologies
I am a huge cricket fan and the one thing that cricket has taught me is How to accept defeat.I think it is important for entr... more>>
Yashpal  Singla
By Yashpal Singla, Founder and CEO - IOTASOL Software Solutions
Below are few inspiring Quotes which I would like to share are"Believe you can and you're halfway there. What great thing wou... more>>
Vijay  Gnanadesikan
By Vijay Gnanadesikan, CEO - Haliscape Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
• Do not spend all the money upfront. Keep your money close. Think twice before spending every penny in the initial days. ... more>>
Priya  Nair
By Priya Nair, BDM - Aesthetix AV solutions
Sound background in statistics, familiar knowledge of regression modeling and hands on experience with different data mining pl... more>>
Sashidharan  S
By Sashidharan S,  - 
Market Research, especially Customized Research, involves a lot of number crunching and basic statistics to begin with. Of cour... more>>
Faisal  Abidi
By Faisal Abidi, Co-Founder - RnF Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Entrepreneurs are the key to generating more jobs across the country, driving more foreign revenue and contributing to the GDP ... more>>
Ashish  Abrol
By Ashish Abrol, Founder - BigIndianwedding.com
As clichéd as it may sound, do not stop dreaming. Though I wouldn’t like to single out any particular group, in th... more>>
Rahul  Verma
By Rahul Verma, Founder - Test Mile
Now that you know Test Mile story and you know that it's just a recent step, I guess what I am going to say could be more meani... more>>
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