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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Habibar  Rahman Sheikh
By Habibar Rahman Sheikh, Senior Analyst - Deloitte
Perception is very important. Try to feel and imagine what you’re learning and then apply the theoretical concepts practical... more>>
Ram  Kumar G
By Ram Kumar G, Regional Information Security Officer - Indian Subcontinent - Philips
-Learn, learn, learn! Add skills and validate it with certifications -Network with others -Deliver excellence at your work -Mak... more>>
Jayakumar  K
By Jayakumar K, Digital Marketing Consultant in India  - Cearsleg Technologies Pvt Ltd
I hold with conviction the belief that the greatest benefit of higher education is the proven ability to learn, to have “lear... more>>
Neha  Chauhan
By Neha Chauhan, Founder/CEO - MyContentLab
Be true to yourself about what option you have chosen and why you want to pursue it. Also, be as knowledgeable and flexible and... more>>
Santhosh  Kumar
By Santhosh Kumar, Software Analyst - Bally Technologies
Confidence and Passion for Technology and work will drive you long way successfully.My advice is wherever you go, dont work wit...
Khaja  Rayeesuddin
By Khaja Rayeesuddin, KRUS - 
My advise for anyone to start domain as of mine, is to learn from the mistakes of others and avoid bluffing. , and be ready for... more>>
Aniruddha  Panchal
By Aniruddha Panchal, General Manager - Micro Inks Limited
Patience pays, It is not always about money, Continual learning is the key to being relevant at all times Sharing knowledge... more>>
Aryan  Agarwal
By Aryan Agarwal, Graduate Engineer Trainee - Aditya Birla Chemical India Limited
Life is a tough Job. It's very easy to die but very difficult to live a life with purpose. Life should have a goal and the pers... more>>
Sarpreet  Sohal
By Sarpreet Sohal, Manager - Online Marketing - Authorgen Technologies
The motivating factor for me is my personal growth. Like for my personal growth its very important that I will achieve all the ... more>>
Rahul  Shrivastava
By Rahul Shrivastava, Senior Manager - Digital Marketing at INDIA.COM - Pinstorm
First step is to set the expectations right, never over or under predict the sales targets, they should be well researched and ... more>>
Tejas Anilkumar Papaiya
By Tejas Anilkumar Papaiya, MBA - Carnation Auto India Pvt Ltd
The most valuable importance of internet marketing is its reach ability of internet around the globe and its mass appeal. No ot... more>>
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