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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Ram  Ashish
By Ram Ashish, MD - Simran Software Solutions
Keep your input cost low so that you can provide services at competitive rates.Deliver quality work and never miss deadlines yo... more>>
George  Koomullil
By George Koomullil, Founder & CEO - INDUS Techinnovations
Although entrepreneurs and small companies do not have the luxury of large resources, they are on a level playing field with la... more>>
Sumeet  Anand
By Sumeet Anand, Founder - i-nable Solutions Pvt. Ltd
"Like a child an idea cannot have two fathers. It germinates in a solo mind but needs a team to give it shape and make it a rea... more>>
Garima  Mishra
By Garima Mishra, Escalation Engineer UCS - Cisco
Peggy, a naïve "new girl" at Sterling Cooper, was originally Draper's secretary, but showed surprising talent and initiative... more>>
Sunil  Gupta
By Sunil Gupta, President at Gupta Programming - Gupta Programming
If you are not ‘playing’ while at work, then find another job.  Successful entrepreneurs know that their &lsqu... more>>
Santosh  Dwiwedi
By Santosh Dwiwedi, Founder - Director - Anomaly Solutions
By not running away from the mistakes committed in the past and by being open to risks because that in turn means I am willing ... more>>
Ravi  Mantha
By Ravi Mantha, CEO & MD - SV Lead & Strategy
First you should have an innovative mind set and crusader of innovation then  to constantly encourage and recognize th... more>>
Ravi  Mantha
By Ravi Mantha, CEO & MD - SV Lead & Strategy
That is the true quality of a true leader, Leader must have 2 things, He should deal in ambiguity and adversity with panic,... more>>
Mahuboob  Jailani
By Mahuboob Jailani, MD - Alchemy Human Resources Consultancy
Past Failures are our greatest Motivating factor. The driving force is that, we consider every moment as a gift given to us, so... more>>
Rahul  Nawab
By Rahul Nawab, Founder - IQR Consulting
I believe in regularly updating myself. I read, both online and in print. At my work premises we have a small but informative l... more>>
Subbu  Subramaniam
By Subbu Subramaniam, Retd. MD at Yodlee - Independent Consultant
People are the assets of any company. One of the major challenges companies face while developing a product / solution is the r... more>>
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