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Thought Starters
About us
We are a Thought Leadership Marketing company that will help you position your company as a trusted advisor to your clients. We position our clients as thought leaders through our specialized services like brand positioning, influencer engagement, content strategy & development, research and publishing. Our domain expertise in IT enables our clients, ranging from small and medium enterprises to Fortune 500 companies around the globe, to plan and execute effective long term branding strategies. We offer best return on marketing investment, thereby establishing our clients as experts in their field.
Nabajyoti Das
Founder & Director:Karthik Nagendra
Karthik Nagendra
Karthik Nagendra, Founder & Director: Karthik is a marketing specialist with a decade of experience in designing award winning programs for leading organizations like Wipro Technologies, Accenture and MeritTrac. His unmatched influencer network and association with many eminent academia, analysts, industry bodies and research firms globally enable him to gather insights on Thought Leadership and provide best end-to-end solutions to his customers across sectors.
Corporate Positioning: Raised brand audit scores of thought leadership for a leading global IT services company

Content Marketing: Increased web traffic for a leading IT company' thought leadership content

Rresearch and Publishing: Created a global CFO study for a leading global BPO company that strengthened its brand image as an industry leader

Executive Communication and Brand Maps: Developed speeches, speaking notes, bylines for CEO of a leading MNC

Influencer Engagement: Developed fl agship infl uencer engagement programme for a social sector enterprise in India that gave a huge boost to the market share and mind share of the client company
Thought Leadership Marketing - a game changer for It Industry Differentiation is vital to success in the IT industry and is best achieved through showcasing expertise. However, leading organizations often fail to garner the spotlight that they rightfully deserve. At the root of this challenge is a communication disconnect wherein the audience is either not aware of the value offered by the organization, or does not trust their word enough.

To be recognized as an industry expert, IT organizati ons need to invest in a sustained branding and marketi ng approach, bett er known as Thought Leadership Marketi ng. Driven by research, domain experti se, innovati ve thinking, and key stakeholder engagement, Thought Leadership Marketi ng enables organizati ons to engage with their audience and educate them. By bypassing the short term commercial angle,
Thought Leadership Marketing shapes the big picture through the power of trust. Authority, the end-product of Thought Leadership Marketing, enables organizations to be heard louder and clearer than their counterparts in a crowded marketplace.
We have domain expertise of more than 10 industries including IT, HR, Pharma, Healthcare, and Consulting among others.
What is Thought Leadership Marketing
What it is not
It is about unearthing the 'big idea'.

It is about creating long term credibility for brands as trusted advisor.

It is about increasing visibility and standing with the people who matt er.

It is about being able to influence.

It is about being an advisor, strategist and
It is not just a marketing communication ad-on.

It is not about short term marketi ng ideas.

It is not just about populating social media sites with content.

It is not about being a me-too brand.

It is not about churning out whitepapers or reports without a unique point of view.
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