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About us
TazaBhav is a technology venture with unique blend of mobile and internet. It is suitable for all types of industry and business segments, especially where trade decisions are made based on changing prices. It provides facility to create and manage personal customer network and is a great marketing tool. TazaBhav ensures freedom for manufacturers and traders to communicate different prices to different target groups. TazaBhav is a unit of Educe Education Private Limited, a sister concern of Shakun Group of Companies [with prime business activity in Hospitals, Healthcare and Technology]. A venture by IIT alumni, TazaBhav provides unique platform, leveraging technology for small, medium & large business groups and trading communities while safeguarding interests of the endusers and consumers.
Sanjay sarda
CEO:Sanjay sarda
Sanjay sarda, Managing Director and CEO: He is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur with over 20 years of diversified work experiencein India and USA. He has profound knowledge of various industrial sectors such as Information Technology, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, Education, Retail, Entertainment, Seeds and Food Processing. He is the Managing Director at Shakun Group of Companies and Hospitals. He has many start-ups and business ideas recognized by Central Government to his credit before starting TazaBhav.
Akola, Maharashtra (Registered & Corporate Offi ce) Mumbai, Maharashtra (Technology Development Center)
CIO:Chaitanya Dhareshwar
Chaitanya Dhareshwar
Chaitanya Dhareshwar, Director and CIO: He is a brilliant Technocrat and experienced Business Transformation Leader. He has been associated with various leading organizations in diverse industry segments in the capacity of CIO and Head of IT.
TazaBhav brings control of marketing and sales on the fingertip of users. It signifi cantly increases instantaneous marketing power by expanding reach and speeding up ti me-to-market from hours to seconds. It also enables customers to take business decisions based on sound information of latest market trends. For manufacturers and traders, TazaBhav facilitates creation of a private and confidential customer network. Manufacturers and traders can control the system by a very small selfdefined SMS; while their customers receive detailed price alerts with all relevant information.
By coming up with a novel and unique idea, TazaBhav enjoys the privilege of playing in a field devoid of competition. It is the only platform currently available for price and time sensitive businesses with blend of mobile and internet technology. The company has no competitors.
TazaBhav has over 50 clients from various parts in India in first couple of months during BETA launch, from the test market. Its client base is growing approximately at 20-30 percent month on month.
TazaBhav charges one-time registration fee from Manufacturers/Traders and variable monthly subscription fee from customers based on their usage pattern.
TazaBhav aims to achieve a customer base of 10,000 to 15,000 in next two years and continue providing value added services to users. The company plans to go for listing in next 5-6 years.