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Nixserv IT Solutions

Nixserv IT Solutions
About us
We3cares (Nixserv Solutions) is a leading IT infrastructure support provider located at Bangalore, supporting mid-level enterprises based in Canada/US/UK and Singapore. The company provides Technical Consulting and Support Services that allow its clients to obtain sophisticated technical support for their IT infrastructure in general and any mission critical IT applications in particular. Nixserv was founded by two engineers Karthik Vijayakumar and Sabarish Krishnamurthy in 2008 and within half a decade, it grew to be a company of over 70 engineers.
Karthik cijayakumar
Director:Karthik Vijayakumar
Karthik Vijayakumar, Director: Karthik has more than 10 years of experience in IT infrastructure support. He started his career as a Linux server administrator and specialized in AIX/Cloud/VMware technologies. He represents a strong combination of skills in product development and end-user support.
Bangalore, Karnataka.
Nixserv competes with all the top IT infrastructure support companies around the globe.
Sabarish Krishnamurthy
Director:Sabarish Krishnamurthy
Sabarish Krishnamurthy
Sabarish Krishnamurthy, Director: Sabarish has more than 7 years of experience in the field of webhosting. He has worked for well-known company 'DC'. During his college days, he was very passionate about Linux and still is interested in the webhosting field. In addition, Sabarish has a broad range of hands-on expertise with open source products, specifically on cPanel/Plesk, Linux, networking and security.
Nixserv focuses on end to end IT support. The company configures switches and routers and also takes care of configuring the OS and Web/database servers. It also provides anonymous OS support 24/7. The administrators work both onsite and offsite 24/7 to ensure that the clients' server is online 24/7.
Key technologies that Nixserv focuses on are:
  • OS: Windows/Linux/AIX/Solaris/HP-Aux
  • Network: Cisco/Juniper
  • Virtualization Technologies: Citrix/Vmware/Hyper-V/Xen
  • Web Technologies: Websphere/Tivoli/Jboss/Apache
  • Database Technologies: Oracle/Mysql
  • Mail servers: Postfix/Qmail/Zimbra
  • Innovations like automations via batch/shell/perl scripts perform repeated tasks periodically.
  • By reducing the manual work, the company has been able to reduce the number of technicians required, hence the cost.
  • It offers free offsite backup as well to reduce the billing costs.
  • Provides a Perfect Habitat for servers
  • Vendor Neutral Support under single Roof (Both Windows & Linux Support)
  • We offer support via VOIP, Skype Video Calls, Skype-In Phone Number, GTalk/AIM/Live/ICQ.
Nixserv provides IT support to datacenters located all over the world. It also provides Product support which is offered to health care chains in Canada/US. The company has a huge customer base in the webhosting industry as well.
The customers are billed either on per server or per technician basis. Customers can also pay monthly to ease their burden.
Nixserv IT Solutions hopes to become the best IT support company in the world and aims to achieve this within next 10 years.
The company has plans to increase its headcount from 70 to 150.