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varutra consulting Pvt. Ltd.

varutra consulting Pvt. Ltd.
About us
Varutra Consulting is an Information Security Consulting and Training Services firm, providing specialized total security services solutions for software, mobile phones and network. Headquartered in Pune, the company provides its customers with specially tailored services providing protection against internal as well as external threats and reduces business risk to improve security posture, achieve regulatory compliance and increase efficiency. Varutra's profound research and excellence sets the standard for the delivery of proven security services, training and education to enable its customers to securely, professionally and efficiently manage their infrastructure.
Kishor Sonawane
Founder & CEOr:Kishor sonawane
Corporate Office - Pune
Kishor sonawane
Kishor sonawane, Founder & CEO: Kishor is an Information Security Professional with over a decade of experience. He has worked in multiple prestigious pure play information security firms at various senior positions such as project manager to practice head. He has performed comprehensive security assessments including application security, mobile application security testing, and network security for multiple international and domestic clients in various business verticals. He specializes in penetration testing, network security assessment, web and mobile application security assessment, and social engineering activities. He has also provided training in Information Security conferences. Kishor is currently engaged in business road map, development, growing Varutra team and shaping up the ideas to create Mobile Security Solutions for Enterprises.
  • On-site Consulting
  • Managed Security Services
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Remote Security Assessments
  • Compliance Monitoring & Health Check
  • Corporate Trainings

Varutra offers various technical security services covering information security posture of an organization in today's world. The services are categorized into Mobile Security, Application Security, Network Infrastructure Security, Process Consulting and Special Security Services such as Cloud Security, Social Engineering, Phishing Diagnostic and Digital Forensics. Varutra provides highly customized training on Mobile Security Testing covering latest mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. Its training courses also include Network Security Testing, Applications Security Testing, Information Security Awareness trainings for corporate as well as individuals. The company has developed a mobile application MVD (Mobile Vulnerability Database), a unique place to know about vulnerabilities reported worldwide for Mobile Platforms.

  • Varutra delivers quality security services in totality, covering People, Process and Technology asset of the client, with assurance of comprehensive coverageon every possible facet of information security related risk.
  • The company provides customized assistance in the assessment of business risks, key business requirements for information security and the development of security policies and processes.
  • The mobile application MVD developed by Varutra provides an easy to use web interface to Search Vulnerabilities.
  • SAND is an in-house mobile security suite engine developed at Varutra to aid in mobile application security assessment, which covers all Android devices including smartphones, tablets, emulator etc.
  • Varutra researchwing helps in creating and offering security services on newest technology such as NFC (Near Field Communication), Cloud Computing, and also developing tools etc.
The company follows Project Based Revenue Generation Model. It also indulges in partnerships with other IT services providers.
Varutra is determined to establish itself as a trusted brand for Information Security & Consulting and as a pure research oriented company. It is looking to double the size of employees in this year and add more clients.