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Smartsoft India Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Smartsoft India Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
About us
Smartsoft is a successful enterprise software development company providing 100 percent customized software solutions for E-commerce and ERP Solutions globally. With more than 13 years of experience in software development, Smartsoft delivers the software solutions and services to suit multidisciplinary business needs and cater to the suitable models on time. Delivering ideal solutions to various types of marketing concepts with multiple and advanced features that are in demand as well as the trend in the market. The organization is committed in providing perfect solutions and ideas by executing the projects as per the specifications of the clients. The organization is also having association with various professional freelancers / companies who are experts in their own domain like web designing, server administrations, database administrations, SEO implementations, and Mobile Apps development to meet the client requirements. SmartSoft is among the best and proven choices for complete tailor-made software development to meet the needs of every business in the rapidly growing business-corporate governance.
Kishore Varma
Founder & MD:Kishore Varma
Secunderabad, Andra Pradesh
Kishore Varma
Kishore Varma, Founder & MD, Smartsoft India Solutions: Kishore has 14 Years of extensive experience in the field of Information Technology, and expertise in a choice of fields like CRM, SQL, E-commerce, HTML, project planning, business analysis, vendor management and online marketing to menti on a few. Kishore has worked on multiple venerated projects in Android based mobile apps, online recharge and web commerce software. He became a passionate entrepreneur during the dotcom evolution on October 2000 by starting the globally focused IT services and Development Company.
SmartSoft develops software for all kinds of direct selling models and e-commerce solutions, with array of options and features, currently servicing 400 clients across the globe.
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SmartSoft provides software solutions and services related to direct selling, modern retailing ERP, warehouse ERP, real estate and buildcon ERP, accountancy ERP, android based mobile apps, mobile and DTH utility solutions.
  • Caters fully customized solutions.
  • Works with the domain experts for the most accurat solutions
  • Tailor-made software solutions depending on the organizational needs and behavior.
  • Accept the challenge and prove the clients with proper and perfect software solutions.
  • Have a successful track record of customer sati sfacti on.
Revenue is purely based on the work volumes and scaling of services offered. The clients are secured for years together for making revenues stable and smooth riding.
The company is looking forward to invite business partners from various parts of the world and achieve a global presence.