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Bharat Headhunters Pvt. Ltd.

Bharat Headhunters Pvt. Ltd.
About us
Bharat Headhunters Private Limited is a specialized headhunting company which sources candidates for junior, senior or other highly specialized positions in organizations covering the full spectrum of permanent IT and Non IT recruitment across all business sectors, nationwide. The company's continued growth is driven by its core values of commitment,flexibility and quality. Bharat Head hunters have the team and the network that make search a rewarding one. Based out of Bangalore, Bharat Headhunters is not a traditional recruitment company like most of the existing recruitment agencies. Its team is well qualified in every aspect of recruitment whether it is candidate management, Team Management or Client management.
Bharat, CEO, Bharat Headhunters Private Limited: Bharat is one of India's foremost recruitment industry experts specializing in training for recruiters, coaching, consultancy, mentoring and advising both face-to-face and remotely. Bharat has more than a decade experience in Headhunting and has been his passion.
Concorde Techno Park, # 46/A, 4th Floor, 1st Main Road,JP Nagar 3rd Phase, Mini Forest Road,Bangalore: 560 078.
Bharat Headhunters have focused expertise working on IT and Non-IT requirements. Its team includes Senior Executives, Functional Experts and Technology Leaders, each recruiting for one specialist area.
AppsOne brings "Big Data" pattern Bharat Head hunters supports clients seeking specialist IT resources in areas such as Chip Technology, Embedded Systems, Telecommunications, Enterprise Solutions, Information Management, Application Development & Management and E- Commerce. The company also supports clients seeking specialist Non IT resources in areas such as Manufacturing and Process, Infrastructure and Engineering, Automobiles and Aviation, Logistics and Supply Chain, Real Estate and Construction, Pharmaceuti cals and Chemicals, Iron and Steel, Oil and Gas, Power and Energy.

  • Assign a person dedicated to your company's recruitment needs.
  • Evaluate employment requirements and expectations.
  • Maintain communications with both, the candidates and the company.
  • Provide travel and relocati on information.
Research and Assessment:
  • Review the talent pool.
  • Make profile assessments.
  • Initiate market research.
  • Conduct interviews.
  • Carry out reference check.
Career Development:
  • Manage resume.
  • Continually update employee's professional profile.
  • Maintain communication flow with the candidate.
  • Provide career assistance.
Over the years, the company has been able to build its own database through references, networks, and as a result its dependency on job portals is minimum. Bharat Head Hunters use a targeted search methodology to execute specific positions. The organization draws upon its extensive network of candidates and references in the industry to search out high-performing individuals who are well suited for the positions. The executive search professionals of Bharat Head Hunters are dedicated to provide service beyond the traditional search and evaluation processes. Since the best executives are often not looking externally for opportunities, the company adopts a sensitive but disciplined and systematic research procedure to identify these hard-to-find and hard-to-reach candidates. Inspired to provide its clients with superior "value added" results, it has established a "real-time weekly feedback" system for continuous improvement in the quality and user-friendliness of its services.
The company is focused on assuming leadership in all its target markets. It seeks to be the most preferred employer wherever it operates. Recognizing that organization is built around people who are most valuable asset, Bharat Headhunters hope to be the partner of choice for customers, suppliers and other creators of innovative concepts. The company is looking to continually increase the longterm value of its Business for the benefit of all by operating as a decentralized organization and allow each business to develop within its stated values.