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OmnitrolNetworks, Inc.

OmnitrolNetworks, Inc.
About us
Omnitrol Networks is delivering a new paradigm of real-time business intelligence enabled by their Software Defined Application Network.

OMNITROL has integrated its real-time event-driven M2M software defined network with Google's Javascript-V8 engine to create the industry's first open, software-driven, M2M application internet and hybrid real-time cloud infrastructure. The OMNITROL platform is transforming and connecting the
"Internet of Things" into real-time business applications as simply as creating a new web-service.

OMNITROL enables rapid deployment of sense and respond business intelligence by contextualizing events captured from newM2Msmart infrastructures, providing highly accurate insight and transparency into business operations and asset activities. OMNITROL pushes innovation by extending real-time intelligence to the edge: the shop-floor where business happens.
Raj Saksena
Raj Saksena
Founder and CEO
Saksena founded OMNITROL Networks in 2005 with a vision of bringing the Software Defined Network (SDN) and real-time internet to the mainstream.

Saksena has successfully launched businesses pioneering next-generation VoIP unified networks,mobility services, advanced intelligent networks and multi-core application specific microprocessors. He is an advisor to many startups and a frequent speaker on next generation technologies and trends. Saksena, an acknowledged speaker has chaired multiple industry conferences and has been interviewed by numerous TV news channels, including BBC, NDTV on the future of technology. Saksena's rich experiences include SuntechData Systems, Empowertel, Lara Technology, Nortel Networks, Bell Northern Research, Verizon, Rogers Cantel, and Lucent Bell Labs. Saksena earned his bachelor of engineering degree from the City University of New York. He enjoys golf and numerous sports that challenge his mind and body.
Fremont, CA
Fortune 500 companies, US Department of Defense (DoD), Aerospace and Defense (A&D), perishable food, logistics providers, and global service providers.
Omnitrol Networks is a privately held corporation and is funded by top-tier institutional investors, founders, and industry luminaries.
IBM, Tyco, Checkpoint
The OMNITROL software defined network provides an incrementally scalable, fully automated, multi-site asset tracking smart network delivering real-time alerts, and exception monitoring.

The OMNITROL smart-store significantly improves profitability by improving operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

The OMNITROL Smart-Factory solution automates work-in-process visibility and parts tracking through the manufacturing processes.

OMNITROL business intelligence dashboards and visual tools provide clear insight into your operations.
A new paradigm for real-time sense and respond intelligent networks creating smarter, more adaptive operations is
becoming a key competitive advantage in today's globally inter-dependent economy. OMNITROL is enabling a new generation of innovators to deliver real-time sensor-based M2M operational business intelligence solutions through a unique approach of hybrid cloud and software defined network services automating operational visibility and transparency directly from the operations floor.

Integrating real-time operational events will change the dynamics of information sharing between global partners. Information ismore transparent, with higher integrity and absolute accuracy. The OmniCloud™ is a real-time operational intelligent information exchange that delivers the right information at the right time. Such operational transparency and product traceability will lead to safer and more productive lifestyles, eliminate fraud, fear of bio-terrorism or the potential for health hazards or spread of disease through our global food supply-chains.
OMNITROL's software defined network is transforming traditional enterprise architectures into real-time intelligent smart infrastructures that enable greener, smarter and more transparent operations. Integration of theGoogle-V8 Javascript engine provides a powerful and scalable software architecture that can be customized to suit your specific operations and traceability requirements. The real-time Google-V8 application network scales from a single site to thousands of sites without any reengineering of your existing processes or systems. OMNITROL is revolutionizing the world of real-time information processing and intelligent M2M software driven smart infrastructures. We are committed to flawless execution with assured success to our customers in delivering operational visibility and process improvements to their ex- acting specifications.
The OMNITROL solutions are sold as cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) model. The application network can be scaled by deploying smart M2M and wireless infrastructures incrementally by site to a global intelligent application network covering thousands of sites.