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Kovair was founded in the year 2000 to focus on a web based collaborative platform for the management of business collaboration, customer opportunity management related actions and document management. Over the last five years, it has changed its focus to the areas of  Software Development and IT Service Management tools with its offerings in Software Development Lifecycle Management – SDLC with its flagship product the ALM Studio and IT Service Management with its ITSM Studio. Kovair’s architecture and integration capabilities around its Omnibus Service Bus are further discussed in the following section.

Kovair has its headquarters in Santa Clara, California - the Silicon Valley and has its major product development, test and support facilities in Kolkata India and a subsidiary in Melbourne Australia that serves both CRM and Kovair customers for their IT Services and product needs. Kovair is privately held and currently it is internally funded.
Santa Clara, California,Kolkata, India and Melbourne, Australia
Bipin Shah – CEO and Chairman
Bipin Shah has a strong record of accomplishment as a senior executive and as a successful early stage investor in more than a dozen companies. Before Kovair Software, he was part of the senior management teams at Fairchild Semiconductor, Altera Corporation and Invox Technology, where he held varied roles. Between the years 2000 and 2005, Bipin was a co-founder and general partner of an early stage venture investment fund, INC3 Ventures based in SiliconValley.

Bipin currently serves on the Boards of three startup companies, and has previously served on the Boards of more than ten venture capital backed companies. He holds a MS degree in Electrical Engineering from University of  Wisconsin, Madison, and a BEE (Honors) from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.
Federal and State Governments, Global IT Service Companies, Financial Services Corporations, Technology and Manufacturing Corporations in the US, Australia and India.
Early investors are well known Sand Hill Road VC firms like NEA, Sutter Hill Ventures and Draper Richards
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ALM Studio, Omnibus Integration Platform and
the ITSM Studio:
Kovair offers an architecturally versatile platform that is totally web based, that combines the capabilities of an application configuration infrastructure, a configurable graphical workflow engine called the Omni process and an enterprise service bus for integration of multiple tools and applications called the Omnibus. This allows Kovair to be configured for any ALM or ITSM tools applications as well as seamless integration of other third party tools and applications around the Omnibus to create a single repository end to end product development and applications services infrastructure. Kovair today offers more than 30 such integrations from major vendors like IBM Rational, HP, Microsoft and others. The Omnibus can also be deployed for Cloud to Cloud as well as Cloud to Onpremise applications integrations. Kovair products are offered both for On-premise deployment as well as SaaS or Cloud delivery models.
Kovair intends to penetrate the Cloud market  further with its Cloud based product offerings as well as Cloud based integrations for major business applications such as Sales Force, Net Suite and integrate them from the Cloud to the on Premise major applications like the SAP. Kovair can leverage its experience in development tools integrations to the domain of  business applications integrations.
 Kovair will continue to focus on keeping its lead in the ALM integrations on an on going basis with new tool offerings as they are brought to the market by major tool vendors and open source providers. One recent example is integrations with the IBM JAZZ Platform for the new generation of tools from IBM Rational.
The three biggest differentiating factors for Kovair are:

a) Its very codeless applications configurations capabilities with mouse clicks

b) Its Omniprocess workflow engine that can create any workflow or process through Visio like graphical process design capabilities and

c) Its SOA based enterprise service bus – integration engine that can allow integration of any third party tools or applications through their APIs and web service calls.
Primary revenues are from the sale of both on premise and SaaS licenses and additional revenues are derived from services associated with these licenses.



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