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About us
InfoStretch is a leading provider of mobile and enterprise QA services and solutions. Our offerings range from enterprise QA, mobile application development, testing, and automation to certification and sustenance. We've been providing expert solutions and services to various large and strategic players in the mobile ecosystem including enterprises, carriers, app stores, VAS, and ISV's to
actualize their mobile and QA strategy very successfully.

We offer the most cost effective, secure, and scalable models to service our clients across various verticals such as banking, healthcare, education, and entertainment to name a few. Our innovations have allowed us to provide an SLA of 24 hours and the ability to scale and test over 2,000 apps a day.
Rutesh Shah and
Manish Mathuria
Rutesh Shah
President and CEO
Rutesh is a highly-reputed quality and management consultant in Silicon Val- ley, CA. He founded InfoStretch Corpo- ration with a vision to provide value-added solutions that leverage technology and innovation to significantly improve software quality. Prior to founding InfoStretch, Ruthesh was Vice President of Reliability Services at Arsin Corporation, where he deployed quality solutions for mission critical distributed applications for clients like Bank of America, McKesson, Oracle, Informix, Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Varian Medical and E2Open.
Aravo, Gracenote, CuTech, Vodafone, The Body Shop, Apixio, H2Analytics, Airclic, PingMD, EOS Health, Vividways, Dauphin, Tiburon, Urgnt.ly, Boomerang, Ingenuity Systems, Comcast, iSOS, Sabre, Happitque,Motorola Mobility, Proteus Health, Tea leaf, NYSE, Kiboo, Nvidia, vTerview, Kaiser Per- manente, Harmony, Backcountry , Starwood, Search Ridge, Point Click Care, Halogen Mobile, SLI Global, Matrix Precise, Bantermob, Just Book it, Mobile Dynamic
Mobile Development – mFoundry, Mutual Mobile, Fiserv, Sourcebits, iMo- bile3, Endeavour , MobiVery, Modolabs
Mobile Testing – Telerik, Perfecto Mobile, uTest, Mob4hire, Keynote/Device anywhere, SOASTA
Enterprise QA – CA, Cognizant, TCS, Accenture, Infosys, CAP GEMINI, Al- liance Global Services,Aequor , Veritest, 360 logica, Magenic, WIPRO
Mobile Application Development, Mobile Testing, Mobile Sustenance and Certification, Enterprise QA Service, QMetry ACE for advanced certification, Managed Testing Services for Retail, MobiXpert for real-time on demand mobile testing on multiple platforms.
Advanced certification and testing solutions for specific verticals, end to endmanaged testing solutions for healthcare, banking and retail, mobile platforms for application development in retail, banking, event management, cloud based mobile testing solutions
1. Mobile Private Cloud Infrastructure
Our mobile private cloud environment helps customer reduce the higher test budgets and reduce CAPEX as they do not need to inves in any real devices-service plans and maintenance etc.

2. Technology
Our mobile cloud testing solution's intelligence is driven by ou technology which provides efficientmonitoring andmanagement of you application on several devices.
3. Knowledge base and Expertise
With more than 5 years of mobile testing exposure across 100000+ mobile applications on various platforms we have created a repository of mobile test cases that enables our customers to benefit to proactively increase coverage without increasing cost.
  • Testing on Real Devices – Access to more than 2000 devices in our lab across the globe
  • QMetryforMobile Test Management Tool to ensure test tracking and audit trails
  • MobiXpert tool to ensure the optimal effort for device coverage
  • Language testing staff with locale expertise in 20+ languages
  • Access to Pre-Market Devices andOS's to ensure proactive testing for user experience for new devices in themarket for current versions of applications
  • Post Deployment Support
  • Automation – Real device based automation on various platforms integrated with Perfecto Mobile and HP tools
  • Current technology/development partnerships with OEMs and Appstores enable us to get ready to test on pre-market devices and Alpha/Beta versions of OS without jail breaking devices
  • Readiness to engage in output/outcome based engagement models and sign up for SLA's and metrics