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Mandate chips and circuits pvt.ltd
About us
Semiconductors are a pervasive part of everyone’s life today. Though not exposed directly to the end user, they are evolving constantly and their influence has become significant. With Device Convergence, Green Technology and the like being the order of the day, particularly for Mobile and Automotive applications, Power Management Semiconductors are in vogue. With the issue of Global Warming gaining importance, improvements in Energy Efficiency are inevitable. The next growth wave in semiconductors is expected to be driven by Power Management and High Voltage Solutions for applications such as LED Lighting and Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEV). By specializing in the area of Power Management Solutions for Low Power and High Voltage applications, Mandate is ideally positioned to leverage this sweet spot.
 Mandate (derived from Mixed, Analog, Digital and Advanced Technology) is a collaborative semiconductor engineering solutions company with strong background and expertise in theAnalog & Mixed Signal (AMS) semiconductor space. Its team has vast knowledge and experience in this field especially for the hi-tech and electronics domain covering the consumer, mobile telecommunications, automotive and computing industry segments. Mandate’s customers include the who’s who among the electronics majors, semiconductor and automotive companies in the Asia Pacific region primarily Japan & Korea. In recent times Mandate has also started expanding its footprint into USA & Europe.
July 2008
India (Bangalore), Japan (Tokyo), Singapore, Hongkong, USA (Santa Clara)
Rajeev Madhavan Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO
N. Ramakrishnan (Ramki) is the President & CEO of the Mandate Group of companies. He has over 25 years of background and extensive experience in engineering and enterprise solutions in the Asia Pacific region. He was based in Singapore for over 15 years and has worked in senior management positions with leading MNC organizations handling multiple products and services with regional responsibilities.
 Prior to co-founding Mandate in July 2008, Ramki was employed with Future Techno Designs Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India as its President from May 2005 to May 2008. During his tenure with FTD, he made significant contributions and played a major role in setting up two new semiconductor companies viz. Edison & Tesla.
Global Majors including Tier1s/Tier2s in Hi-Tech & Electronics, Automotive & Semiconductor Industry in Asia Pacific and USA. Currently in discussion with leading Indian companies across segments.
Privately Held.
Multinational Semiconductor Companies. Indian Semiconductor Design Companies. Indian IT & Engg Service Providers.
Mandate has made novel breakthroughs with innovative approaches in leading edge semiconductor design. It has consistently delivered state of the art and sophisticated value added analog & mixed signal solutions to customers. Recent projects include development of ICs in the areas of Power Line Communications (PLC), Fan Motor Drivers, Very High Voltage (600V) DC-DC Buck Converter, Power Management (PMIC), High Current (3A) Ultra Low Drop Out (LDO) Regulator, Matrix LED Driver & Multi-point Low Voltage Differential Signalling (MLVDS).
In addition to its focus on Power Management and High Voltage Solutions, Mandate has a significant Patent & IP Portfolio. Armed with an Innovative Business Model (Cocreation) Mandate is all set to foray into new segments and geographies. Mandate is also extending into the Digital and Embedded application domains to augment its capabilities and provide comprehensive solutions.
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  • Collaborative Design and Product development.
  • Co-creation with Ecosystem partners.
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