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Levanture Inc
About us
Levanture Inc, headquartered in Virginia, is a leading provider of IT solutions and services to businesses across the globe. Primarily established as a technology company and systems integrator, Levanture began presenting a new kind of business integration solutions to its clients. Founded in 2007, the company has earned the reputation of being an excellent employer and through its technology services and custom computer development; the company is delivering innovation and high performance. With strong industry and business process expertise, broad global resources and a proven track record, Levanture is mobilizing the right people with the right skills with the right technologies to help its clients improve their performance.
Srini Garikipati
President & CEO: Srini Garikipati
11260 Roger Bacon Drive, STE 502, Reston, VA-20147
Srini Garikipati
Srini Garikipati , President & CEO: He leads Levanture's Technology modernization including the Levanture Technology Development Center, the Levanture Software Business and development of emerging technologies including cloud, analytics and Social media. He is a proven leader with profound expertise in increasing strong client relati onships and has a passion for building outstanding client teams with well organized focus on operations and execution. As the head of Levanture's Technology Growth Platform, Garkipati carries the responsibility for the full range of Levanture's Technology Consulting and Developing Solutions as well as the company's delivery abilities, including its global delivery network.
Levanture's employees work for some of the fortune 500 companies including but not limited to Cisco, CTS, Genpact, JP
Morgan, Microsoft , Oracle, PWC, SONY and Apple.
Levanture is a provider of full business IT solutions with its services in a wide range of IT verticals. In addition to IT. Development and Services, Levanture Inc. has also launched a product called www.esandhi.com(Indian Matrimony) for the Indian market and is being considered as one of the fastest growing Indian Matrimony Portal. The model has worked to be a great success in South India and the same is now being introduced to northern parts of India.
  • The Organization's vast repository of competencies and the ability to tailor IT solutions and services that meets today's
    as well as tomorrow's business needs of any client, act as a differentiating factor for the company.
  • Levanture's solutions address a wide range of solutions from streamlining processes with IT, managing IT enabled processes, managing existing technology and upgrading to new technology and creating better business value.
Combinations and Variations, IT Services and products combined together create a good Revenue Model for the organization.
Levanture Inc. has created a process and works within a system and this methodology has given us constant growth year after year. Currently, Levanture Inc. is in the process of developing an EHR/EMR Healthcare product which is in a beta stage and will be scheduled to launch very soon.