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Invensys Skelta

Invensys Skelta
About us
Invensys Skelta is a BPM and Advanced workflow software provider with successful customer implementations in diverse industry verticals. Invensys Skelta is a recognized industry leader in .NET based BPM technology through its product – Skelta BPM which off ers 100 percent embeddable, enterprise class, BPM solutions to help organizations achieve operational agility. Skelta BPM enables easy-to-deploy, web based process workflows across the business latitude and puts the control directly in the hands of the users. Skelta is a wholly owned subsidiary of Invensys Operations Management. Invensys is a global technology company that works in partnership with a broad range of industrial and commercial customers to design and supply advanced technologies that optimize their operational performance and profi tability.
Kalpa Shah
Executive VP:Kalpa Shah
Kalpa Shah
Kalpa Shah, Executive VP: She has over 20 years of experience in various industries including retail and software industries. Kalpa was one of the first hundred employees to work at AOL where she was the Creative Producer of AOL's Health and Fitness Channel. She has vast experience of having worked in the Banking, Cosmetics, Title insurance and retail industries.
  • End-users: Volkswagen, Pepsico, Volvo Eicher Commercial vehicles, Fujitsu Microelectronics, Roland DGA, MITEK, India Bulls, Naukri, Pangea 3, PZ Cuzzons, Faraday UK, University of West of England, CoreworxInc.
  • OEM: Logica (Sweden), EMC, Dr.GlinzCovis, CSSI, PMG, Apator Rector, Clearview.
  • VAR: Unisys, RealIndia, SURE, GISTEC, Diversus, Efficiency Leaders, Value Process, Famite, Himax, Nokavision.
  • Global SI: ONG Automation, Dr. GlinzCovis, Cambridge Solutions.
Acquired by Invensys
The product line of Invensys Skelta includes Skelta BPM, Sharepoint Accelerator and Skelta Document Management System. Skelta BPM provides enterprises with a strong and collaborative platform that automates the sequence of human, system and document related activities that are required to complete specific business goals. It is a 100 percent web based platform which enables process design capabilities anytime, anywhere. Skelta BPM platform eliminates the risk of process initiatives, enables communication amongst all process stakeholders and drives innovation by fostering business ownership.
  • Embeddability: Skelta BPM is 100 percent embeddable and delivers on effective white labeling for its partner network.
  • End-to-end process management.
  • Enables rapid application development: Skelta BPM's strong development platform allows quick roll-out of automated processes for a wide range of business functions across industries.
  • Rapid implementation resulting in streamlined processes and reduced overhead costs ensures better Return on Investment
  • Simplified integration with best of breed enterprise application providers such as Microsoft and SAP.
  • Business user friendly and leverages your existing technology investments in Microsoft .
The alliance with Invensys & Microsoft has positioned Skelta BPM on the cloud. The company is looking forward to work in the fields of Mobile application for Windows & Android users. Invensys Skelta is also working on extensibility of SharePoint Accelerator and enabling Skelta BPM on Azure..