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Itaas, Inc.

Itaas, Inc.
About us
itaas is a leading services company in the cable and telecommunications market. Founded in 1999, the company has worked with hundreds of leading service providers, technology vendors, application developers and SoC vendors to create and bring innovative digital video software solutions and services to the consumer. The company excels in translating a customer's idea into an innovative digital video service that can be widely deployed. itaas provides unique software engineering experience and expertise in the development, testing, and deployment of digital video delivery across multi pleplatforms including cable, IP, and wireless technologies.
Vibha Rustagi
CEO:Vibha Rustagi
Vibha Rustagi
Vibha Rustagi, CEO and President: In 1999, Rustagi and Scientific-Atlanta colleague, Jatin Desai, and Jaspal Bhasin saw the need for a software development and consulting firm focusing on digital video delivery. In just 14 years, her expertise and strategic vision have grown itaas from a three-person start-up to a financially sound and successful company with over 200 employees and offices in three countries.
Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Cisco, ARRIS, Charter Communications, Intel and Broadcom are some of the renowned names which benefit from itaas's services.
Custom Software Development: itaas development teams build custom software solutions that seamlessly integrate components of the technology to provide software and hardware. They create applications that fit clients' needs and roadmap after assessing their requirements and provide custom soluti ons from concept to completi on. This includes architecture, system design, soft ware development, integration, and testing. Testing and Certification: itaas provides access to a suite of services including test plan development, testing, troubleshooting, and post-certification support. Our comprehensive lab facilities provide real-world scenarios and are equipped with platforms including RDK, EBIF, tru2way, cable and IPTV. Support: The Company also provides extensive technical support for deploying and maintaining multi -platform interactive digital video systems in a multi platform environment (IP, cable, wireless). This includes support for specific platforms including RDK, EBIF, and VOD monitoring, as well as support for custom apps and solutions we create.
  • Unique expertise in video delivery across multiple platforms (cable, IP and wireless) and intimate knowledge of the entire ecosystem of a cable telecommunications network.
  • Experience in the development and enhancement of RDK system components, VOD components, guide development, interactive platform development and software porting, application creation and more.
  • License of and expertise in new technologies designed for cable networks such as RDK (Reference Design Kit), an open-source, pre-integrated bundle of software that will support a new breed of hybrid QAM/IP and IP-only set-tops, gateways and video client devices.
  • The executive team has strong relationships with executives of cable operators such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable and OEMs such as Cisco and ARRIS.
With advanced engineering, testing and integration centers in the US, Canada, and India, itaas is looking forward to invest in broadening its portfolio of services to support its customers worldwide.