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Globussoft Technologies

Globussoft Technologies
About us
Globussoft Technologies builds innovative and cutting edge technology products for the digital marketing industry. With over 4500 customers in more than 50 countries across 5 continents and over 2 million users who consume its servicesvia the web/mobile and cloud aka SaaS, Globussoft is emerging as a key player in the Global Digital Marketing Software Solutions Space. Globussoft is a CMM – Level 3, Nasscom Certified, ISO 9001-2000 Certified, Microsoft Gold Certified Software Products Company. Started in 2009 and headquartered at Bhilai, India, it is a global software products company providing technology products across a wide range of verticals.
Sumit Ghosh
Founder & CEO:Sumit Ghosh
CHPL DreamHomes Apartments, Apollo Hospital Road Junwani, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Unit 206, 2nd Floor, Shree Krishna Bldg.,Opp Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Fun Republic Lane, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400053, Phone: (022) 26741163.
Sumit Ghosh
Sumit Ghosh, CEO/Founder: Sumit started Globussoft in 2009 in a garage with a couple of his friends. He has taken the company from an idea to a full-fledged software development company with a customer base of more than 4500, an employee count of 200 and a net worth of USD 10 million in just 6 years. Sumit dons more than a decade of experience in Product Development, Architecture Planning and Project Management. His primary focus areas include Microsoft Technologies, Java and PHP (Open Source). While working with TCS for more than a year, he was involved in researching on latest MS Technologies, making prototypes for enterprise grade applications, performance modeling and benchmarking of applications on latest .NET technologies like WCF/WPF/WF and Windows Cardspace.
Globussoft has its clients/customers from all over the world. Coming on to numbers till date it has served around 5000+ clients. Someof them are Collin Holmes ( CEO, Chatmeter LLC); Bradley Owen (Creati ve Director, Creavos); Don Milley (President, Groupinion) and others.
  • Digital Marketing Products: Ranktracker, Rankable
  • Social Media Management Products : Woosuite
  • Local Search Marketing Products: Brandzter
  • Social e-Commerce Products: Storemio, Lushly, Vesyl, Shopcade
  • Deal Aggregator Products : Mashup Deals
  • Social Gifting Products : CardTruth, Wishume
  • Social Dating Products : Cuddlepoint
  • Vertical Search Engine : Frompo, Filesclip
  • Education/Learning Products : Moople
The prominent elements which make Globussoft to stand ahead of its competitors are its core competency performance, Quality work, optimized operational stratagem and ability to match with the changing trend of tech-era especially in building digital media softwares. Along with path breaking disruptive innovative products, the company also believes in genuine service rendering with best-in-class features and performance. Digital media could be termed as a dynamic tool that boosts the standard of performance as well as sustainability in evolution graph for Globussoft . These are the notable factors which lead Globussoft to stand at the forefront of its entrants.
Through its Global Network Delivery Model, Innovation Network and Solution Accelerators, Globussoft focuses on helping global organizations address their business challenges effectively. Some of its current offerings are:

Strategic Business Units:
  • MarketMongoose
  • SocialSignifier
  • Botguruz
  • Rebrandone and
  • Brandzter
In allusion to the changing trends and increasing demand of technological advance and easy to use products, Globussoft tends to raise its sales and product lines with moving pace of time. The organization is also planning to facilitate its customers with open source products and media management services resulting in quick and enormous growth prospective in contrast to its competitors..