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Aquevix Solutions

Aquevix Solutions

Aquevix is a global software development company integrating software, hardware and processes in seamless workflow.
The company develops apps for mobile, web, desktop and cloud. It helps entrepreneurs and established businesses realize the true potential of software applications to their advantage.
The company helps architect software applications to achieve business objectives while delivering best performance and scalability at low cost.
Aquevix has experience with various verticals like finance, telecom, logistics/ cargo, education, manufacturing, healthcare, travel. The company’s experience varies from simple desktop applications to large scale mission critical software delivery.

Key Executive

Amit Jindal

Amit has more than 17 years of extensive experience in Enterprise Technologies, Integration, Application Development, Embedded and Distributed architectures, Code Re-engineering and Component Development. He has worked on a large variety of technologies both mainstream and bleeding edge (neural networks/genetic algorithms). He has a Master's degree in Software Development and Management from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY and Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications. Prior to this he worked as director of software development for Rogue Wave Software Inc, in Boulder, CO managing worldwide development of software with more than 100 million in yearly revenue and 3,00,000 customers Worldwide.

Differentiating Factors

• Ahead of the curve with bleeding edge technologies
• Focus on cutting costs with right technology
• Rapid application development
• Providing all stacks of software development: Concept, Design, Implementation, Deployment, Maintenance
• Technical leadership
• Adaptable to customer needs
• Unorthodox approach to problem solving
• Integrating simplicity with effectiveness

Major Milestones
• 2007 Initial projects, Rohtak Road office established.
• 2008 Large data movement project with Overnite Express Ltd., multiple other projects, Launch of Aquevix ERP
• 2009 Partnership with AMD, Sun Microsystems, Intel for Aquevix InfraServer appliance
• 2010 Launch of Aquevix InfraServer security appliance
• 2011 Starting development of Mobile Apps (iPhone, Android), team size 18
• 2012 Complex mobile apps, bluetooth, gamification, picture morphing, smart push; team size 22
• 2013 Cloud databases & sync, MongoDB/Couchbase/Redis based apps, Realtime data, OpenGL rendering; investor funded apps

Clientele: 56
• Overnite Express Ltd.
• Our Health Data Inc.
• Smile Canada Inc.
• JustPrint
• Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
• Shri Lakshmi Group
• Petnary Inc.
• Precision Tools
• Supermac Industries
• Mojo Entertainment
• e-healthspace

Employee Count: 30

Investors: Self funded

Revenue Model
Application development via
• Fixed cost sales
• Time and Materials
• Profit sharing
• Build, Operate, Transfer

Founded: 2006



USA, UK: Coming up soon

Road Map

The company has already started investments into next generation of technologies building capability and helping their customers in the following directions:
• Cloud migration services
• Google Glass and Leap motion devices
• Android/Apple TV apps
• Smart analytics, geofenced intelligence, recommendation engines
• Augmented reality and virtual worlds
• Quantum computing apps
• Smart Car/Transpotation
• Loyalty programs and customer retention

Technology Offerings

Custom Mobile Apps, Analytics, Cloud, PHP/. NET Development, e-shops, Websites, Portals