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Mutual Mobile

Mutual Mobile

Mutual Mobile creates rich user experiences that reinvent how businesses engage the world through mobile. Combining deep design, development and domain expertise, their custom software solutions help clients connect people, processes and data, from the back office to the point of sale, and everywhere in between. For us, mobile isn’t just a platform, it’s a business strategy.

Key Executives

Tarun Nimmagadda, Co-CEO

Tarun now heads the fulfilment and operation side of Mutual Mobile. Under his supervision, the company has managed
to combine award-winning designers and world-class engineers under one roof. Despite the ongoing talent war, Tarun’s vision has continued to attract the smartest, best minds in mobile.

Mickey Ristroph, Co-CEO

Mickey Ristroph guides Mutual Mobile’s research and development efforts for nextgeneration tools and platforms. He consults on the strategic direction of the company and has been the driving force behind Mutual Mobile’s ability to extend both the technological and market impact of the
mobile platform.

Differentiating Factors
Firms like Accenture, Infosys, CapGemini, etc. may have technical chops, but they lack expertise in design. The companies were created with the mindset that technology is enough to solve business problems. But in mobile applications, visual design and usability is often just as important as engineering.

While digital agencies like AKQA, SapientNitro, etc. often have f lashy mobile applications, they lack the technical expertise to solve real problems in mobile. Mutual Mobile’s focus on design and engineering enable the company to develop more complex apps for both consumers and enterprises.

Revenue Model
The company designs and develop custom applications for top- tier Fortune 500 companies. Their business is split between more traditional consumer-facing apps, and productivity-boosting internal business applications.

The company starts every client engagement by taking a deep dive into the client’s business needs. Their team of business and mobile analysts work with client stakeholders to draw out critical information, assess opportunities, and provide actionable steps.

After collecting these key insights into the client’s business, their team of experts designs and engineer the application, with frequent checkpoints along the way for clients to give feedback. Post-delivery, the company offers maintenance and support to keep clients’ mobile solutions running smoothly.

Major Milestones
• 2010 shifted focus to work only with world’s leading companies
• 2012 named to Forbes’ list of Most Promising Companies in America
• 2013 named to Forbes’ list of Most Promising Companies in America, and John Arrow named as
one of America’s Most Promising CEOs under 30

Pearson Education
Jaguar Land Rover
The Economist

Employee Count
Over 300

Accenture, Infosys, CapGemini, etc
AKQA, SapientNitro, digital agencies

Road Map
The company’s plan on doubling their business in terms of impact, headcount, and revenue.

More importantly, the company plans on taking their value-centric model to the next level by working with companies that are creating value for the world. For example, we’re currently working with an
education company to help struggling readers catch up with their peers. This company is going out in the world and helping to solve the problem of illiteracy for children, theoretically putting in motion a chain of positive events: kids staying in school, graduating and getting jobs, reducing crime rates and so on.

Website: www.mutualmobile.com