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eSec Forte Technologies

eSec Forte Technologies

We are a Mobile App Design & Development Company based in Delhi, India. At eSec Forte, we blend beautifully designed interfaces with stringently tested code. The most important thing to us is building products people love to use. Inspired by the quote - "With Great Design Comes Great Responsibility", we believe that great design is about more than just looking good – it's about creating an experience that feels natural to the user.

Key Executive

Sachin Kumar
Co-Founder & Director

Sachin is responsible for client services, project management, and oversees project development.Being a technical architect himself, Sachin's familiarity with software development principles, design patterns, and best practices goes unrivaled. He's got the engineering chops and creativity necessary to build the best-in class apps eSec Forte's clients’ desire.

Delhi, India
Fremont, California, USA

Founded: 2011

Employee Count: 30

Investors: Privately held

Competitors: None. We believe in working together

Clientele: Over 100 Clients acquired in the past two years.

Website: www.esecforte.com

Engagement Model
• Time and Material model
• Fixed cost model
• Revenue share model

Differentiating Factors
• They treat every project as if it were their own.
• They pay a high attention to detail – every step of the way. They strive for pixel-level perfection.
• They take quality assurance very seriously.
• They don’t just disappear after launch – they stay around to offer assistance with strategy, design and continued development.

What Next?
• Build an indie game development studio and launch some great game titles into the app stores.
• Create products/platforms for the global market with a focus on sectors like Healthcare, Digital Publishing, Hospitality Industry etc.
• Offer Mobile Application Security Testing Services.

Some Of The Apps We Have Worked On

Moleskine - The Hand of the Architect
Moleskine follows up the worldwide success of the bookcatalogue with an app presenting all the sketches and drawings, along with essays, captions and the biographies of the architects. All the images can be enlarged and shared, becoming a great source of inspiration and study.

Tracklines Motorcycle Rider App
Start improving your riding and your style. Be faster, smoother and safer with the all new Tracklines Motorcycle rider application for the iPhone. Start by selecting your desired race circuit. Selecting any corner will automatically bring up a pop up screen supplying you first hand with race craft and top circuit knowledge from one of the UK's leading motorcycle racers. How to approach the corner, what gear, where to brake, missing the bumps, apex's, passing places, and also tips from the Official Ohlins UK Suspension support team.

The Yeshiva World News
The premier Jewish News site for the world at large. The app provides the most current up to date breaking Jewish news as it happens. It also features an online streaming radio, online photo galleries of its articles, and an integrated forum for discussing news topics.

Contact Info:
Email: info@esecforte.com
Tel: India: +91-8800692626
USA: +1-9177203785