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Apptology is a leading mobile applications development and mobile marketing company started in Sacramento with a development center in India since 2009. The company is capable of creating enterprise and customized solutions for startups, SMB’s and Fortune 500 companies.
With a team size of nearly 100 developers, Apptology has developed over 300 apps natively for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows 8 platforms.
Key Executives

Rich Foreman,
Founder & CEO

Rich leads Apptology with 15 years of experience in engineering, mobile application development and account management spending most of his career in the high tech industry which began at WebEx. He was instrumental in the product development, customer support and sales management process during his 11 years at WebEx before the $3.2 billion Cisco acquisition. Additionally, Rich is the founder of iReadandLearn.com which is a publisher of mobile children’s books and educational tools. Rich recently co-authored his first book, “Tap into the Mobile Economy: The Appreneur's Guide to Developing Smartphone and Tablet Apps for Profit.”

Gary Dalal, 
Gary has 10+ years of experience in a variety of software engineering, product management, design, technical support and IT consulting positions at leading technology companies and educational institutions. He is an expert in capturing
client requirements and planning full life cycle delivery of technology projects as a project analyst.

• App Development: iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile
• Backend Development: PHP, JAVA, .NET, HTML5
• Wireframes and UI Design

Differentiating Factors
• Consulting Services for Startups
• Competitive pricing with US based Project Managers
• Mobility Domain specific knowledge
• AWS training certified developers
• Proven track record in delivering services across diverse geographies and client sizes

Revenue Model
Fee based contract work and SaaS subscription fee

USA www.apptology.com
INDIA www.apptology.in
UK www.apptology.co.uk

Founded: 2009


Over 100 clients including, Siemens, Dignity Health Care, Pfizer, Essilor,Wall Street Journal, Nuvel, All Sports Timing, Bizhappy, Diamond Voice, SARTA, Sacramento Guitar Society, Swint Realty, City of Folsom, Wing Zone, Palm Spring Publications, American Screening Corporation and DreamMoods.com.


Employee Count: 100

Investors: Self-funded

Competitors: Not identified


ReadyEdition: A solution to allow users to interactively publish digital content to Apple News Stand with a CMS. Ready Edition currently runs on iOS but an Android Version will be available by Fall 2013. Also working on an interactive tool to push your ePub3 content to your own customized app with a CMS. To be launched at the Frankfurt Book fair 2013 as a preview and the official rollout by December 2013.

Major Milestones
• LLC Granted - April 2010
• ReadyBuilt Platform for SMB’s launched - January 2011
• SMS Marketing Services launched- September 2012
• Apptology publishes its 300 app- December 2012
• Mobile Web Site Development Service- January 2013
• “Tap into the Mobile Economy: The Appreneur's Guide to Developing Smartphone and Tablet Apps for Profit.”- Feb 2013
• Trademark granted - April 2013

Road Map
Working on Custom Products for the Publishing Industry.