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Key Executives

Vineet Narang, CEO

Vineet is an inspirational leader with rich experience in the business and technology domain. His over 18+ years of experience in the offshore and domestic markets has translated into many innovative launches at MobiQuest. Under his astute leadership the company has made deep inroads in capturing a large market segment of mobile customer loyalty in India, Malaysia, Singapore,
and Dubai.

Vineet has been deeply involved inall market facing activities and driving transformation throughout the length and breadth of the organization.

Sabina Kamal, COO

Sabina is an Interactive Communication Design Specialist and a certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor with over 20+ years of rich experience in the field of web, E-learning and interactive media industry. Her strong industry experience is ref lected throughout all the exciting launches that we do here at MobiQuest. She is responsible for Product Innovation, increasing visibility, fostering a culture of creativity across the organization.

Corporate Facts

August 2008

Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, SA

Core Focus
Mobile Loyalty / Enterprise Mobility Data Analytics / Precision Marketing Performance Advertising on Mobile

Key Stats
Employees – 65 
Customers – 85+
Consumer base: 9.5 Mn

Airtel, Blackberry , Nokia OVI

Angel Round in 2010 by Mumbai Angels

M’loyal - Mobile Loyalty Platform
M’apps - Enterprise Mobility Platform

Sectors Serviced
Retail, Pharma, FMCG, Hospitality, Healthcare. Fashion, Luxury. Aviation

Customer Acquisition, Rewards & Engagement

Mobile Loyalty, Data Analytics, Precision Marketing, Social Media, Creative, Web / Mobile, Campaign Management, Last Mile Data Capture

Top Customers
Dominos, Britannia, Walmart, VLCC, Gini n Jony, Go Air, Ferns n petals, Archies, Citywalk Mall

Global Expansion Plans
South-east Asia, Middle East, USA

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Mobile Loyalty Platform

Mobile Loyalty Platform- Pioneer in
Mobile Loyalty space

• SAAS / Cloud based Mobile Loyalty & Precision Marketing Platform for B-B-C -2500+ POS, 100+ Brands, 12.5+ million consumers
• Interactive Mobile Loyalty Cards & Mobile Couponing, Precision Marketing, Performance Advertising
• Linked into POS-compliant to 25 POS, Available on web, Social Media, Web & Mobile - Vital Data Collected at POS
• Largest private trackable Coupon Exchange-Interbrand & Partner network. Performance Advertising on Mobile- Text, Audio, Video
• Precision Marketing using high value Analytics & campaign management engine-based on real time POS DATA
• First Consumer facing Mobile App-To Check points, coupons and push one-one targeted audio / video Ads
• Social media Connect to capture customers from Social media ecosystem and drive traffic to online / off line stores
• Fully Enabled Mobile Couponing, coupon exchange, unique coupon code system
• High Value Analytics & ROI reports- Key Performance Indicators, Trends, Consumer Insights & Purchase Patterns
• Campaign manager-Allows dicing / slicing of customers into relevant clusters and plan SMS / Email campaigns

The fastest growing Integrated Loyalty Network
The award winning Platform uses its unique C.A.R.E. ecosystem for Customer Acquisition Rewards & Engagement.
The platform was launched in 2008 a pioneer in the mobile loyalty space, m'loyal today manages 100+ brands,10,000+ stores, 12.5 million consumers and Rs. 600+ crore worth of purchases across brands in a year.
Making it one of the fastest and one of the first interconnected Loyalty Network.