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Monocept is a software development partner that is 100% focused on being your best asset.When you’re looking for a highly skilled software development partner with large-scale product development experience, Monocept has what you need. The company’s founders, former Microsoft engineers, have built large-scale software products and worked with multiple teams spread across numerous geographies, cultures, and languages. They learned how to meet and beat the challenges of complex software development and distributed teams while working on projects such as Visual Studio, Windows Phone and Silverlight. They have carefully instilled the same know-how and adherence to engineering excellence in the Monocept team.

Key Executive

Manav Gaur

As Monocept’s founder & CEO, Manav is determined to build a dynamic organization dedicated to providing software excellence for his clients and their end-users. He believes this means hiring top engineering talent and creating an environment that allows them to do their best work. He also believes in forming solid partnerships with Monocept clients and developing software that blows away their expectations.
As a former Microsoft senior program manager responsible
for delivering multiple Visual Studio versions, the .NET
Compact Framework and Silverlight for Nokia Symbian
phones, Manav knows first hand the challenges of largescale
software development. He also knows how to conquer those challenges.

Differentiating Factors
“We don’t just build software, we build relationships”. The company’s product development background makes it easy for them to connect with you, understand your requirements, and convert ideas into concrete product specifications. The company utilizes best practices of enterprise application building, enterprise mobile app building, security assurance and performance testing. The company can provide functional and platform architecture and engineering. Monocept’s product development expertise encompasses enterprise web development and cloud computing, as well as enterprise mobile application development in iOS, Windows 8, Windows 8 Phone, Windows Surface and Android.

Revenue Model
The company works on Fixed Cost, Time & Material, Offshore Product Development Centre and Outcome based revenue models to accommodate customer’s various requirements. The company is flexible, open and transparent on revenue models.

Major Milestones For The Company Since Founding

Employee Count : 60

Founded : Aug 2008

Website: www.monocept.com

57K downloads in 1
month, #1 in Free + Travel
category on iPhone store

Investors : None

# 01-06, First Floor,
Block-2, Cyber Pearl,
Plot No.9,Hitech City,
Hyderabad, 500082,
Email: Info@
Tel: +91-984-957-5550


1. Bankrate Inc., USA
2. Grubhub Seamless, USA
3. InnRoad Inc., USA
4. Wrench Solutions,
5. Canopus Consulting, India
6. Kpisoft International Pte, Singapore

Road map
At Monocept, the people continue to build relationships along the way. The company’s focus on delivering “Engineering Excellence as a Service” in the area of large-scale web application and mobile applications has helped the company deliver long-term value to their clients. As a company, the people work much like a law firm – offering very personalized service, attention to details, highly focused and having high touch points with their customers. This philosophy is already paying off in terms of high quality of their deliverables and high customer confidence and satisfaction.