Gambit Partners: Results-Driven Solutions for Growth and Development

Ajay Mistry, Founder & Director

To sustain business growth in today's competitive environment, startups must incorporate strategies to adapt to changing market dynamics, customer needs, and operating conditions. In addition, startups may need support to gain more customers, generate leads, and formulate marketing strategies for their businesses to flourish. Supporting startups at every stage of their growth journey, Gambit Partners provides tailored sales, marketing, and SEO services to help clients achieve their growth goals.

"With years of experience in sales and marketing, our team of experts helps clients increase their customer base, boost social reach, and drive overall business growth," says Ajay Mistry, Founder and Director of the company.

Ajay Mistry, also the Co-Founder of iCAN—The Insurance Cultural Awareness Network—a cross-industry network focusing on the career development of ethnic minorities in the Insurance industry, is on a mission to support startups and accelerate their growth process.
Gambit Partners gives small and medium-sized startups and scale-ups access to experienced, results-driven professionals who can make an instant and lasting impact. As an in-house growth team for early-stage startups, the team will develop their client’s propositions and initial marketing strategies to help them move from seed to series A-stage funding.

The team of experts and strategists at Gambit Partners work in close collaboration with clients to tailor growth plans that increase sales, upskill staff, and establish effective processes. It follows a five-step growth method to help them increase traffic and generate more leads and recurring revenue. To implement the growth plan effectively, the team acts as an extension of their organisation for a span of three to six months.

The Gambit Partners Team possess the expertise to help clients, whether it is to increase customer base, boost social reach, or accelerate overall business growth

The Gambit 5-step Growth Method includes discovery, strategy, execution, monitoring, and development. In the discovery phase, the focus is to understand the client's business, including their unique challenges and goals, which help create the foundation for growth.
The strategy phase involves developing a customised growth plan, considering their strengths and weaknesses as well as external factors like market trends and customer expectations. The growth plan is then put into action, which includes implementing tactics and setting up systems and processes to execute marketing campaigns. The firm continuously monitors progress and makes adjustments as needed while focusing on building knowledge and skills to enable them to continue growing on their own in the long term.

A case study that demonstrates the competence of Gambit Partners' services is its work with Lukango, an Insurtech seeking their first round of investment. Upon collaboration, Gambit discovered the client required customised business plans, support with marketing strategies, and an efficient growth setup. Providing the necessary support and tools, Gambit Partners helped them develop a comprehensive strategy to reach SME audiences. Understanding the mission, the Gambit Partners team gave Lukango effective solutions to reach their target audience and helped the founders build their brands. The entire Lukango team was also trained in content development and establishing effective customer retention processes.

Aiming to unlock the full growth potential of client businesses, Gambit Partners’ differentiating factor is that it not only supports and helps start-ups but also is an angel investing business. The tried and tested methods to analyse and develop customised strategies to help businesses grow sustainably make Gambit the ideal partner for startups.