Linkology: Building Creative Confidence

Bikash Mathur, Co-Founder; Sunil Rajan, Co-Founder, Harsimran Singh, Co-Founder; Bippin Makoond, Co-Founder

Children possess an innate sense of curiosity and an insatiable appetite for knowledge. They are all born creative and instinctively make new connections. However, as they grow, they tend to lose confidence in their creative abilities. Nurturing their creativity and retaining the sense of curiosity requires careful guidance and support. Despite the undeniable importance of traditional education systems, the structured approach to learning can sometimes stifle their imaginative spark.

Creativity is widely acknowledged as being vital to building the leading economies of the future and will be the most critical tool in 21st century. Cultivating creative confidence in children (and adults alike) is a pressing concern and very few solutions exist today to nurture, measure, and harness creativity. Thankfully, some visionaries recognize this issue and are taking action: enter LinkologyInc - a company committed to nurturing and boosting creativity among children. With their unwavering dedication, Linkology is paving the way for a future where creativity thrives, and the possibilities are endless.

“The primary aim is to ensure creative confidence in kids does not get subdued as regimented ways of learning take center stage as kids grow.
Creativity is an emotion and just like love, jealousy, anger etc, it can be expressed at varying degrees. It is more akin to an agricultural problem that needs to be farmed and cultivated. By fostering collaboration, encouraging divergent & convergent thinking in equal measure, utilizing sub-conscious mind and the power of visualization, Linkology hopes to build creative confidence in children and empower them to become innovative problem-solvers,” says Sunil Rajan, co-founder of Linkology.

The profound dedication and tireless effort of Linkology, a forward-thinking firm, are remarkable. For an entire year, the company, in collaboration with Imperial College, University of Oxford and Kingston University, conducted extensive research examining over a thousand groundbreaking developments in humankind, dating back to the Big Bang. However, instead of just scrutinizing these breakthroughs, the focus was on the brilliant minds behind them. Through this process, Linkology identified four common traits among these geniuses: connecting the unconnected, exploring the subconscious, visualizing the problem, and practicing connected thinking.

This discovery inspired the creation of Livus, a secure digital creativity platform that enhances learning inside and outside the classroom. Livus™ provides children with a safe and secure environment to explore creativity while honing their skills through three interactive stages. The first stage, aptly called “train the mind,” uses gamification to help users develop their creative potential by exploring the full range of creativity traits. The second stage, “build confidence,” allows users to test their newfound creative skills. In the third stage, “seize the opportunity,” users can invent and creatively solve problems.
Livus™ is a closed-loop ecosystem where the user can return to the first stage, enabling them to sharpen their creative skills continuously.

Livus™ is the only platform that focusses on creativity with closed loop ecosystem and is also the only platform that has ThinkData based on the MindMesh of users. The Insights illustrates how people are thinking to solve a problem creatively. An even more impressive feature in the platform is AIAC (AI aided creativity), an AI recommendation engine, that will find patterns on the complex Thinkdata of millions of users and offers a creative recommendation for any issue submitted on the Livus™ Ideation portal.

The primary aim is to nurture and boost creative confidence in children through a safe and secure digital platform.

The efficacy of the platform and the improvement in the Creativity Index has already been demonstrated in thousands of registered users – both direct platform users and school registered users across US, UK, India, and Mauritius. In addition, the usage data in these users reveals that Livus™ positively impacts academic progress by establishing a new pedagogy, improving their vocabulary, and improving communication & collaboration among users, a vital skill that are increasingly important in the future of work.