ASEAN Business Partners: Bridging the Gap for Global Companies in ASEAN

Sumit Dutta, Founder & CEO

While multinational businesses have typically invested in large markets like China and India, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has quietly evolved into a USD 3 trillion market over the last decade. ASEAN Business Partners is at the forefront of assisting businesses to capitalize on the opportunities the ten ASEAN countries provide. This organization provides comprehensive advisory and strategy execution services to companies interested in entering or expanding in the ASEAN region.

“We are an unmatched choice for ASEAN market entry, delivering realworld solutions backed by senior industry experts to transform potential into tangible accomplishments,” states Sumit Dutta, founder and CEO of ASEAN Business Partners.

In his three decades of banking experience, Dutta witnessed countless businesses struggling to gain traction in the ASEAN market because they needed more knowledge and understanding. The company addresses these challenges by taking a hands-on approach to market entry. It provides comprehensive market intelligence, helping clients understand the dynamics and potential of the ASEAN nations—crucial for making informed market entry decisions.

ASEAN Business Partners goes beyond mere advice, offering a diverse range of services according to the client's involvement and risk tolerance. Whether a client wishes to establish a presence independently or requires full-service support, the firm remains equipped to assist them in every scenario.
Aside from designing market entry strategies, ASEAN Business Partners also offers bespoke B2B sales services for digital solution companies. The firm emerges as a trusted distribution and sales partner by leveraging strong client relationships across the ASEAN to guide digital transformation initiatives. Some of its services include evaluating cutting-edge technologies, identifying target audiences, initiating pre-sales engagements, managing the sales process, and providing post-sales support. This comprehensive approach reduces costs and effort for businesses while creating long-term growth opportunities.

It also offers market research services, acknowledging the heterogeneous nature of the ASEAN nations, each with its own culture and business practices. ASEAN Business Partners provides clients with actionable insights into a specific market's trends, competition, consumer behavior, and local regulations. Companies can use this in-depth market research to align their strengths and weaknesses with the norms of the ASEAN country they are investing in. Besides market research, the firm leverages its trusted industry connections to find the best C-suite executives for its clients.

In addition, ASEAN Business Partners offers an incubation model called 'Company in a Box,' which further alleviates the initial complexities of entering the ASEAN markets.

In this model, the firm’s experts are an extension of its clients' teams, managing local operations and adapting strategies to market conditions. The incubation model also includes optional support in accounting, finance, IT, legal, and HR, allowing clients to test the market without incurring market risks.
Consequently, the client can focus on core revenue generation, laying solid foundations in the ASEAN region.

We are an unmatched choice for ASEAN market entry, delivering real-world solutions backed by senior industry experts to transform potential into tangible accomplishments

The transformative impact of ASEAN Business Partners is visible in several client success stories, the most notable being its collaboration with the Indonesian government. The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sought the firm's expertise to attract investment from critical sectors like renewable energy and digital technology. The firm forged connections between Indonesia and multiple global trade corridors through impactful seminars and webinars. Remarkably, this led to over 90 percent of the attendees expressing increased interest in investing in the Indonesian market. This success story mirrors that of other renowned clients, including an Indian tech giant that seamlessly expanded across Southeast Asia and a major American telecom company that reversed a significant revenue decline using the firm’s tailored solutions and expert team.

ASEAN Business Partners has an influential position in the ASEAN market, offering clients a unique blend of expertise and hands-on assistance as they navigate the complexities of this vibrant region. By utilizing a team of seasoned professionals, a track record of successful collaborations, and a commitment to action rather than simply advice, it is poised to unlock the immense potential of ASEAN for international businesses.