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Will 750000 Embedded & VLSI professionals be required by 2015?

By Anuj Rai
Anuj Rai
Branch Manager
The size & strength of India’s embedded systems and VLSI training is well known globally. Embedded systems market, which is one of the key drivers of Indian R&D off shoring and is currently pegged at around US$ 25 billion globally, growing at a 16% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and this is one the important reason for the growth of size of the Indian Embedded System market.

The field of embedded systems is growing rapidly with the innovative applications in communication, Internet appliances, consumer electronics and process control etc. Today embedded systems are involved in almost every walks of modern life including cell phones, answering machines, microwave ovens, televisions, CD and DVD players, video game consoles, remote controls, fax machines, and digital cameras. Realizing the growth of Embedded Systems in day-to-day life there will be tremendous growth in embedded domain which in turn will give generate huge demand for embedded engineers with experience in designing and implementing embedded systems.

Similarly, VLSI Design is also growing at an exponential rate as there are over 130 chip design firms present in India and the vast pool of talent and growing domestic market has helped the country to emerge as an important center for chip design.
Hence the widening gap between demand and supply of skilled professionals for embedded systems and very large-scale integration (VLSI) design reinforces the need for industry-specific training to aspirants in this field.

According to NASSCOM, the VLSI and embedded industry would employ 750,000 professionals by 2015 with about 680,000 for embedded systems, 75,000 for VLSI design and the remaining 10,000 in manufacturing. A good number of firms will set up shops in India, which, in turn, will increase the requirement of professionals with the requisite skill sets. The training providers can bridge this gap between the industry requirements and professionals.

And due to these facts Embedded & VLSI training has become the first choice for any students who dream for a better career. Embedded Systems & VLSI Design are very specialized field, where engineers need to have sound knowledge in these respective fields, with this view CETPA had designed a unique curriculum with equal emphasis on classroom training & practical’s to gear up the aspirants with all the required skill sets which Embedded & VLSI design companies look in their employee so that each of our students get placed well.

CETPA Infotech is last few years had emerged as a nationwide brand for embedded & VLSI training and recently it had been awarded as the No-1 Embedded & IT Training institution in NOIDA by Brands Academy, Delhi to appreciate CETPA contribution in Embedded & VLSI Design Trainings.
Reader's comments(27)
Posted by:  - 02:00 AM Sep 24, ' 20
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2: Sir, currently I'm pursuing M.Sc. in Physics. And I wanna work in VLSI design. So what course I should choose?
Posted by: renuka - 05:48 PM Aug 28, ' 18
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3: I am completed BE(ECE), Now I am working in production engineer at same time I have interested in higher
studies. which department I will chose? vlsi is beast or not?
Posted by: selva - 03:23 AM Aug 10, ' 16
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4: Sir I have completed my be Ece and now I pursuing me vlsi.is there scope for VLSI ???
Posted by: aatityasri - 10:06 AM May 22, ' 16
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5: i have done B.tech in ECE and i am working in BPO industry
but now i want make my career in VLSI design field .so please suggest me what should i do.
Posted by: Nitin - 09:42 PM Apr 27, ' 16
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6:Go for it man ,take training from cdac
 Himanshu malviya replied to: Nitin 
 post - 05:53 AM Jul 24, ' 18
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7:I have done m.tech in VLSI so plz suggest me
 Prateek sharma replied to: Nitin 
 post - 08:12 PM Aug 02, ' 16
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8: sir,
i have done my btech in electronics .now, i am doing mtech in vlsi designing.Is there any scope in future in vlsi?
Posted by: priyanka - 11:35 AM Jan 25, ' 16
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9:Hello Priyanka

With my 40 years experience, go for embedded electronics(both hardware and software). You have to be very good in both. Since last seven years I am giving my experience to professors in Gujarat. Indian universities standard is very poor. 80% of graduates are not employable.
Students are getting stale education. Fresh graduates are teaching at uni. They don't have a clue how to write and design embedded.
I managed to change their syllabus significantly. Still long way to go. Private universities take your money(one lakh per semester) In return they give you nothing. A piece of paper with first class.
 Jagdish replied to: priyanka 
 post - 07:35 PM Feb 08, ' 16
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10: Dear sir greetings,
I am done my b-tech in e.e.e and m-tech in power electronic. past two years am working in a power transformers designer. i have any scope to jump my career in vlsi or embedded?
Posted by: Rajesh D - 08:33 AM Feb 19, ' 15
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11:Dear sir
I have completed B.E (Electronics & Instrumentation) as well awarded certificate course on Instrumentation Maintenance & Control System at FACT Public Sector Cochin and now I would like to undergo certificate course on embedded system with PCB design and MATLAB.Whether it will have job scope and will be useful for may future?
 K Aswinkumar replied to: Rajesh D 
 post - 10:10 AM Jan 14, ' 16
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12: sir i have 2nd class carrie but i am pursing embedded trainng can i wii get a job, pls suggest.
Posted by: CHANDAN BHUYAN - 11:17 PM May 12, ' 14
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13: For VLSI Physical Design training please visit www.siliconsys.in
Posted by: Raju - 05:47 PM Aug 08, ' 13
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14: Respected Sir/Madam,I have completed my B.tech in ECE in 2013.I have experience of PCB Designing and Project developement based on microcontroller 8051 Series. I completed a number of projects like,DTMF Based,RF ID Based,Matrix KEYPAD Based,Remote Controlled (TSOP Based),Home security and Automatic appliances control Based and many more.Now I want to join a semiconductor company or Embedded System company.I Want to know that,regarding to these Experience Could I Get a Good Job in Embedded System or Semiconductor Company ? IF "YES" then 'HOW' and IF "NO" then WHAT I HAVE TO DO ?
Posted by: Rahul Kr Sharma - 03:09 PM Aug 02, ' 13
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15:dear dude,
vlsi alwayz on top
 gnan replied to: Rahul Kr Sharma 
 post - 02:23 PM Oct 01, ' 13
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16:hi dear dude,
based on u r exp embedded system is best for u
 gnan replied to: Rahul Kr Sharma 
 post - 02:14 PM Oct 01, ' 13
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17: CETPA InfoTech Pvt Ltd is also offering TECHNICAL SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS for Engineering Students.For More Info Visit - http://www.cetpainfotech.com/workshops.aspx
Posted by: Ashutosh Kaushik - 11:19 AM Nov 22, ' 11
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Posted by: aghdntqy - 01:03 PM Nov 19, ' 11
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19: i am intrested to take training in embedded and vlsi let me know the training duration and fees structure and lcation of CETPA
Posted by: HITESH - 02:42 PM Jul 12, ' 11
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20:for embedded http://www.cranesvarsity.com/ is the best
 post - 03:27 PM Dec 13, ' 13
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 xwckjvic replied to: HITESH 
 post - 01:03 PM Nov 19, ' 11
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22: I am working in Intel and done training in CETPA. I have done training in CETPA in 2004, and really the best trainers, are working in CETPA. I appriciate the words of Mr. Anuj Rai. Sir main apse mila to nahee but inspired by your thoughts.
Posted by: Prashant Kumar - 04:14 PM Jul 09, ' 11
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23:hello mr. prashant kumar i want to know about in which technology u did training from cetpa.and if it is embedded then want to know about embedded and vlsi scope, which is better to choose?
 prgya replied to: Prashant Kumar 
 post - 08:33 PM Apr 28, ' 13
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24: vlsi better one
 nazeer  replied to:  prgya 
 post - 12:08 PM Jun 16, ' 13
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 jaogukyk replied to: Prashant Kumar 
 post - 01:03 PM Nov 19, ' 11
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26: CETPA Info Tech is an organization which believes in the saying that "Achievers don't do a different thing, they do the same thing in a different way".
Posted by: Vikash Kumar - 12:05 PM Jul 09, ' 11
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 hqlescss replied to: Vikash Kumar 
 post - 01:03 PM Nov 19, ' 11
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