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How to be an analytics expert?

By Gaurav Vohra
Gaurav Vohra
Director - Jigshaw Academy
In this era of information, analytics has become an integral part of running a business. More and more companies are swearing by the power of data mining and analysis and data-driven insights are complementing experience and intuition when it comes to decision making.
Knowledge of analytics – what it is, how it works, what it can do, what it can’t do- has become a key criterion for becoming successful at work place. No wonder, academic institutions of all kinds are striving to provide this knowledge to their students.

Analytics in India

Analytics has taken off in a big way in India as India becomes the global centre for talent in the field. During the early stages of analytics evolution (2000-2010), most companies like Genpact, Symphony, Inductis etc. were looking to hire bachelors and masters in Statistics and Economics from institutes such as Indian Statistical Institute, JNU and Calcutta University. As demand for qualified resources grew, the pool grew to include graduates, postgraduates and PhDs from all quantitative streams such as Math, Science, Commerce and Engineering. Now, BBAs and MBAs are also making their mark in the field.
Lack of Trained Resources
While India has a large pool of Statisticians, Economists and MBAs for companies to hire from, none of them come equipped with all the skills that today’s employers are looking for. Companies spend precious time, money and resources in training the new hires on the skills required at the work place.

Analytics Training in India

Analytics training options in India are severely limited at this point of time. Some of the largest B-schools like IIM Calcutta, IIM Bangalore and SJMSOM, the MBA college of IIT Bombay have all started certificate or diploma courses in analytics and advanced analytics. Most of the courses are of 1 year duration and are either part-time or full time. While these courses have a comprehensive curriculum, they are again not designed entirely around the needs of today’s workplace. There is too much emphasis on theory and very little exposure to practical and real-life business problems. About 75% of what is taught is not really required in business but is more suited for research. Exposure to analytic tools and software is limited to screen shots and this is a big handicap for anyone looking for a job in analytics.

There are several small training institutes that are trying to fill the demand-supply gap in analytics. However, most of these institutes do not have a rich enough curriculum. They are either training students to be a SAS (or any other tool) programmer or are focusing on a very narrow segment within analytics.
The high cost of analytic software is another deterrent to analytics education. While universities in the US get heavily discounted academic licenses, Indian training institutes are not eligible for those. A popular tool like SAS or SPSS could cost lakhs of rupees annually and this increases the cost of analytics education.

What makes a good analytics training?

Training in analytics needs to focus on four  different things :-

Statistics for analytics
Modeling methodology
Analytic techniques
Analytic tool training
Soft skills for analytics

Finally, analytics education has to include exposure to real-life business situations and data. Real business data is very different from the ‘ideal’ research data that students practice on. It is important that the training methodology includes working on case studies and business projects so students are able to translate what they learn in class to what is used in business.

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4: It would be great if u add a little bit information about Top Ranking Business School in Chennai.
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6: Very nice article on analytics.

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11: Hi.I am an economics graduate and looking for a suitable course in analysis which does not require work experience and which offers job assistance.
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12: Hi ,

I am a b.tech graduate and want to make my carrier in analytics, primarily data analytic.
All those degree/ diploma programm listed above are targeted for an experienced individual not for fresher.
Can u please tell me some degree / diploma programm within India for an statistic and analytical degree
Posted by: Anupama - 07:40 AM Dec 09, ' 14
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13: Great article Gourav
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15: To Mr. Gaurav Vohra, Can a Mechanical Engineer with experience in Procurement & Supply chain do the foundation course in Jigsaw. Will it help him in becoming a Inventory analyst or Supply Chain Analyst ?
Posted by: Akshaya Shetty - 09:35 PM Apr 30, ' 14
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16: International School of Engineering (http://www.insofe.edu.in) is ranked one of the best training Institute for Analytics training in India. The testimonials say about that. I think those who are interested in the course can join in there. Students who did their course have gone for higher studies as well.
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17:If you are looking for hands down practical knowledge or masters in US International School of Engineering is the best place to go. Their high profiled faculty and state of art curriculum has earned recognition from top universities like Carnegie Mellon etc. This is a great boost on our resume.
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18: It is sad to know that Indian training institutes are not eligible to get discounted analytics software. Since Analytics is the next future, the industry should take some steps to educate as many as Indians for analytics so that Indian analytics industry will be at par with other countries.
Posted by: Kuldeep Dhiman - 08:54 PM Sep 11, ' 13
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19: Did some research on your foundation course ( Jigsaw Academy foundation course).Its amazing that you are ranked No. 1 every where and the course is on par with IIM-Banglore. I have enrolled myself. :)
Posted by: Ajitabh Kumar - 05:03 PM Aug 16, ' 13
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20:Dear Ajitabh Kumar, there are other institutes like Analytics Training Institute, NI Analytics etc. Would you still suggest Jigsaw is good amongst others ?
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21: hello sir i m doing engineering and want to be an analyst...could u suggest me what i shud do as a fresher to become one......thank u already
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23: Hello Sir,

i have 7 years of experience in IT. and now i want to know about Analytics and i also want to move to analytics software side. Could you please guide me on how to proceed on this.

Thanks and Regards,
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