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Embedded Systems sector offers great prospects for students

By Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar
Embedded systems are an inseparable part of our life. Be it home, office or on the move, we are always surrounded by embedded systems. From home appliances like television, washing machine or workplace gadgets like printers, elevators to automobiles or automatic traffic control systems, all work on embedded technologies.

Embedded systems is an emerging technology, which is attracting a lot of investors from industries like telecom, automobile and other small scale embedded systems. This growth is bringing in a lot of job opportunities in various industries- Research and development is one such sector, which is of great benefit to the Indian market because of the talent it possesses in terms of quality and quantity.

I’ve noticed a vast growth in this sector over the past few years. The students are not only attracted towards the handsome salaries that this sector offers, but also the scope for a fresher or a less experienced designer to explore his/her creativity by working on innovative projects. I would state that the freshers, especially from the electronics, computers and operating systems background have the right caliber to start ahead on embedded systems. It is the right time to join this race.

In today’s competitive Electronics market scenario, India too holds a market value but as compare to other countries we still feel that a lot needs to be done to prove our potential in electronics (R&D) domain too. EMTECH FOUNDATION came up with a little initiative to provide our young and budding engineer a platform where they can learn, experiment and express their ability to solve different problems related to our growing economy. So, we offer different courses and arrange different workshop for such engineering students and engineers from time to time.

Reader's comments(26)
1: embedded systems are omnipresent to the world, the demand for embedded systems does not decrease in future...it is a computer hardware embed with software.. studying embedded system course from best institute can change your life values, scope was very large in embedded systems, u got placed in avionics, railway, vehicle control, defence, telecommunications ..etc.if you want to get embedded system training in Chennai ,pls visit: lastbenchindia.com/
Posted by: muthu - 01:58 AM Nov 26, ' 19
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5: Basically Embedded system is the most usable for non graphical user interface. do given all content is unique so thanks for sharing
For getting the training http://www.cetpainfotech.com/technology/embed ded-system
Posted by: sharon maxwell - 06:35 PM Dec 20, ' 17
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13: Get more knowledge in latest technologies which is helpful to improve your career in your favorite platform.
Posted by: yuvasri - 12:52 AM Jul 18, ' 17
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14: Most of emerging everyday inventions are accompanied with embedded system as a part of its functionality. Experts have predicted that this emergence will never stop in the near future. Thus the bright career opportunities are awaiting in this technology. Students who are studying final year BE/BTECH in ECE, EEE, E&I, CSE, IT should opt IEEE Embedded Systems projects which is show case to recruiters.
PLC Technologies's invites BE/BTECH students for Final Year IEEE Embedded systems Projects in Chennai on the following Domains:
Consumer Electronics
Data Acquisition
Real Time Operating Systems(RTOs)
Industrial Electronics
Control Systems
Control Area Network (CAN)
Wireless Power Transfer
Power Line Communication
Vehicular Technology
Military Electronics
Sensor Networks
Wireless Communication
Electrical Energy / Power Generation
Telematics / Automotive
Electrical / Motors
Android / Bluetooth
Matlab with Hardware
Embedded Networking
Sensors / Gesture
Speech Recognition

To know Visit us: www.projects-ieee.in/Embedded-IEEE-Projects.p hp

Call Us: 8220132529
Posted by: Venki - 10:28 AM Mar 04, ' 15
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17: It is most certainly true that embedded systems offers great scope for youngsters. There is a lot of scope, yes. Why not study VLSI or embedded systems in regular college, people would have better chances at job opportunities that way I feel!
Posted by: Sandipacharya - 04:38 PM Feb 27, ' 15
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18: For Android Training Please give me a call: 7827774271 more info http://trainingguru4you.com/android-training/
Posted by: Dilip - 06:36 PM Oct 31, ' 14
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19: Dear Sir, For a girl student who has completed degree engineering in Electronics with distinction opted and doing CDAC's Embeded technology six month course instead of job offer in campus selection. what are the options/ avenues for her career next, where to find the jobs for her after six month course.
Posted by: Shrikant - 02:36 PM Dec 18, ' 13
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20: Sir

Can you suggest this embedded system could integral part of the education where we can groom the students by giving work exposure under Industry Mentors
Posted by: Dr P P Raichurkar  - 09:19 AM Aug 22, ' 12
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Sir u have hav adv tech for embedded system in ur institute?
FOR summer traing?
Posted by: nisha - 10:24 PM May 10, ' 12
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22: sir i want todo m.tech,but i am confuse between embedded and vlsi.can u suggest which branch i choose according to market ratio
Posted by: shreyas - 01:30 PM May 01, ' 12
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23: but openings are less for the freshers.
Posted by: sainath - 10:41 AM Jan 12, ' 12
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Posted by: stqensjt - 01:03 PM Nov 19, ' 11
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25: shyam news
Posted by: shyam - 10:46 AM Sep 12, ' 11
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