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The emergence of Online spoken English program

By Anees
Managing Director - Knoture Technologies
India is a knowledge heaven, having said that, it is one of the many reasons for which a significant amount of work is outsourced to India. Outsourcing to India grows every year, which directly impacts the rate of growth of employability in India. In recent years, after the boom of software industries in cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune and Trivandrum, a vast number of graduates are hired even before they complete their graduation. This trend called as campus interview may work well for those selected through such process, but it remains a herculean task for those who do not triumph or get an opportunity to take part in such process.

Software companies including the small and medium sized enterprises provide a cloud of job opportunities, which demands certain skills specific to its requirement. Almost every employer stresses on:

Fluency in English

Soft Skills

Every graduate and job seeker in India would have undergone coaching in English, either by English as a medium of instruction or English as a second language. Though this being the scenario, most of the graduates and job seekers lack employable skills stressed by employers. This can be considered as a fact, as these graduates and job seekers go through similar testing and learning methods, which end up with extensive memorizing process, rather than practical and simulated application.

Training Institutes, Online tutors and other community based learning solutions tries to address these problems, but in vain because of poorly planned learning methods. This is often because of compromising on subject over technology.

The only way to address this need is to provide accessible, adaptable and affordable learning solution that is highly interactive and does not compromise on any levels.

 ‘Hello!’ an online spoken English and soft skills training program will definitely address the challenge posed by the vast number of "unemployable" graduates being churned out each year, which directly impacts the employee demand-supply equation. Through Hello!, learners gain access to learning resources on the functional skills required by the industry. This could be communications, spoken English, personality development, team work, interview preparation, leadership, etc., all delivered in a interactive manner (multimodal simulations, quizzes and on-site workshops).
This program is beneficial to all stakeholders, as it demonstrates tangible results for students, institutions & corporates. 
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