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May-2001  issue
Career Advice
NETWORKS VERSUS SOFTWARE I am working in the medical transcription field as a system administrator in the Windows NT 4.0 environment, taking care of 100 computers and maintaining the FTP as well as routing and tracking the daily... more>>
Cover Feature
The big business of outsourcing to India is heading for hard times unless Indian companies pay attention to several key... more>>
Each day, media and analysts saturate the airwaves and newsstands dourly proclaiming the eulogy of the technology... more>>
The IT services and consulting industry will obviously be affected by the slowdown in the U.S. economy. The only question is... more>>
Managers don’t all look for the same thing from an IT services company that they hire, but many fundamental needs... more>>
But half way across the world, in the high-tech cities of India, the wave of euphoria is still at its peak. Will it... more>>
View From the Top
India is India. I have to remind a lot of people in my company that India is a 5,000-year-old civilization, as opposed... more>>
When computer consultants employed by a staffing or consulting company are waiting to be assigned to a job at a client... more>>
The consulting industry in the US labors under the ominous shadow of a slowdown in US tech spending, and dozens of... more>>
Dot-coms have come and gone. Even Yahoo! is struggling, and the brief days when 25-year-old kids were out making... more>>
Launching a company and creating a market around a new product or service entails risk on a number of levels:... more>>
It matters not how long we live, but how - Philip James Bailey. Appropriate words for Dewang Mehta. Those who knew... more>>
I haven’t met a CEO yet who has not complained about how difficult it is to find prospects, how many totally... more>>
EAT EELS? BUT WHY? Mihir Parekh's article, “Swallow Live Eels…If You Have To!” (siliconindia, April 2001, p. 70)... more>>
Legal Advice
When the Reaper threatens an enterprise in an atrophying economy, businesses must find ways to reduce spending to... more>>
Sam Pitroda Column
Politics is very much a part of every human organization, whether it be in the family, nonprofit organizations,... more>>