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December-2010  issue
Cover Story
Author: Vimali Swamy
Brands are not created everyday. And the attributes that have created successful global brands like Fedex, Starbucks and Nike are driven by reliability and consistency, while creating an emotional engagement with the consumer. For... more>>
In My Opinion
Upinder Zutshi
The key is to not reinvent the wheel but make a differentiated space for oneself. This would require a series of strategic... more>>
CEO Spot Light
Prateek Kathpal
Cloud hosting is at its peak now-a-days and everyone is either setting up a private or public cloud or is in discussions to get... more>>
Ram Yeleswarapu
Both Life Sciences and Supply Chain Management are increasingly witnessing an enormous change in the global markets. Driven by... more>>
C. Mahalingam
Jim Collins, co-author of "Good to Great" and a few more best-selling books said:"at this moment, leadership has replaced God... more>>
Walden C.Rhines
Leadership means being the best at what you do, but it’s much more than that. In my view, leadership involves looking ahead... more>>
Satya Prabhakar
A friend of mine who was a CFO at a Nasdaq-listed public company made this comment over a cup of coffee, “Success is... more>>
Ramesh Loganathan
The Indian IT industry is over 2 million strong now! Comprised of some of the best minds in the country (unfortunately, in that... more>>
Ram Narayanan
As I look out of my car and see a sleek and compact Tata Nano driving through buzzing roads of Bangalore, it is one of the... more>>
Sandeep Dhar
As a leader, a dilemma one constantly struggles with is between Control and Empowerment. These clearly are two schools of... more>>
Dr. Anand Deshpande
As our customers were pushing us for rate discounts, we used the opportunity to get our contact points to get us meetings with... more>>
Pragyan Acharya
What comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘Leader’? Probably, you would reply at the spur of the moment that, he or... more>>
Pragyan Acharya
A light in the dark, a hope in a shredded scene; one who practices what is preached and remains away from deception is someone... more>>
Jaya Smitha Menon
He is hailed as the Telecom Czar of India who revolutionized the Industry which is today standing tall as one of the key... more>>
Pradeep Kar
After my MBA I?started my career with Wipro Infotech selling computers for a princely salary of Rs 2350 per month. I was always... more>>
Juby Thomas
The entrepreneurial scenario continues to grow rapidly. In 1996, the global software market was worth $95 billion. According to... more>>
Anonya Roy
When Watts Humprey defined innovation as “The process of turning ideas into manufacturable and marketable form,” he subtly... more>>
CIO Profile
Jaya Smitha Menon
Pershing’s recent workstation NETX360 is hailed as the iPhone of the financial technology industry, which can be accessed via... more>>
VC talk
Venetia Kontogouris
As a venture capital investor, one of the first things that I look for in a potential investment is the entrepreneurial... more>>
Entrepreneur 101
Gunjan Sinha
Much is talked about various leadership traits, but the one which is often overlooked in the management books, is the role of... more>>
In Focus
SI Team
Arya Ika, a seven year student from Southborough, Massachusetts was the youngest delegate in U.S. President Barack Obama’s... more>>
SI Team
“India will have its own Silicon Valley in five years,” said Vivek Wadhwa an Adjunct-Professor at Duke University.... more>>
SI Team
Vijay ‘Jay’ C. Gandhi became the first Indian American federal judge in the Central District of California, the largest... more>>
SI Team
An electronic platform for government payments to and from individual households could save an estimated Rs 100,000 crores for... more>>
SI Team
Indian medical industry may touch $14 billion by 2020 on account of higher private investments in the sector and strong... more>>
SI Team
42 percent of the Indian companies of Gartner surveyed said that they have no immediate plans of investing in cloud... more>>
Editor's Desk
Christo Jacob
Mahathma Gandhi once said "India's soul lies in the villages of India." It seems that the new generation entrepreneurs have... more>>