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February-2006 issue
Cover Story
Author: Priya Pradeep
Assertive. Dedicated. Single-focused. These qualities will not short-circuit your career. So has been the case with circuit research specialist Vasantha Erraguntla. more>>

Guru Speak

Vivek Paul
Are you ready to make the leap from service to innovation? more>>

Company Profile

Pradeep Shankar
SanDisk has emerged as the leader in the explosive flash memory card industry. With a technological advantage and pricing power... more>>
Sanjeev Jain
Business Advisory Services has made giant strides in offshore accounting services. Read on to see what makes the company unique. more>>
Imran Shahnawaz
Though India does not have casinos, Bally Gaming and Systems has been developing software that power the casions accross the... more>>

Jobs in U.S.

Sanjeev Jain
Starting this month, The Smart Techie bring you a new feature- Jobs in U.S.- where we will give details on career opportunities... more>>

HR Speak

si Team
HR managers of IT companies talk on their likes and dislikes of candidates coming for an interview. more>>

Sage Speak

si Team
Top people in IT companies discuss how they came up in life and what needs to be done if techies have do the same. more>>

Tech Buzz

Movers and Shakers

Tech Tempermeter


Vinod Dham
Father of Pentium chips Vinod Dham talks on how to climb the managerial ladder. more>>
Khalid Kark
It is remarkable that a decade ago most businesses did not feel the need to have information security policies. Today, almost... more>>
Sanjeev Jain
VCs find the securities space really exciting this year. With newer threats and better products, VCs will pour in money in this... more>>


Harish Revanna
Bhaskar Pramanik of Sun Microsystems India talks abouut what leadership qualities make him unique. more>>


Sridhar Jayanthi
Non-hierarchical workplace promotes superior communication. more>>
Sharad Sharma
Sharad Sharma talks about the new sunrise sector for India- the Component Responsibility Model-that can help the products... more>>
Priya Pradeep
Security industry offers good stead for those with talent and experience. more>>
L. Gopalakrishnan
tech Ladder in India for real and anyone aiming for growth can look forward to that. more>>
Vibhas Joshi
Vibhas Joshi of SAS speaks about opportunities in Business Intellegence. more>>
Priya Pradeep
Muthu Kumaran of Cognizant talks about his career. What makes him click in the company. more>>

In Focus

ST Team
India produces a large number of engineering graduates every year. But multinationals find that just 25 percent of them are... more>>
ST Team
In the last three-four years the IT and ITeS companies have come up as the country’s largest employment generators in the... more>>
ST Team
Indian engineers known for their software development and allied services prowess, are now moving beyond this sphere into... more>>
ST Team
In the latest annual Forbes India’s 40 rich, the technology industry (telecom included) has 12 people. more>>

Editor's Desk

Last Word

Bob Bailey
Bob Bailey, CEO, PMC Sierra has always remembered what his father said. He has carried with that all through his life. more>>
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