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April-2007 issue
Guru Talk
Author: S Ramdorai
The author talks about the transformation in the Indian entrepreneurship scenario. more>>

Guru Speak

Ashish Gupta
India is like a startup; and the startup analogy yields an interesting model for thinking and making decisions. more>>

People Manager

C Mahalingam (Mali)
Things you must consider if you seek to make the appraisal session a great experience for your employees more>>


Sanjeev Chopra
It is foolish to go up against large companies with a sustaining innovation strategy. You must choose to Disrupt! more>>


Sumit Mukhija
The author talks about the importance of protecting the enterprise data center as it is the heart of the enterprise network. more>>

How I Got Where I am Today

Aritra Bhattacharya
The learning curve in Mahesh Mehendale's twenty-one year long 'accidental' career has been steep, despite significant shifts. more>>

Woman Achiever

Vidya Balakrishnan
For Sarala Ravishankar, LAB Director, HP, question marks in people's minds and uncertainty have been the most powerful drivers more>>

Sage Speak

Chris van Ingen
Techies, while having a well-rounded view of their domain often forget to delve into other domains, and hence possess a... more>>

HR Speak

Sriparna Chakraborty
The Smart Techie spoke to HR Managers about the increasing trend of forging in resumes. Excerpts more>>

Movers and Shakers

ST Team
Subhodeep Bhattacharya Country Manager, ProCurve Networking more>>
ST Team
Naren Dubey Vice President-Product Development, Moser Baer more>>
ST Team
Arumugam Sarvanan Vice President and Managing Director, EMC more>>
ST Team
R. Ramaraj Board member, Guruji.com more>>
ST Team
Dr Sanjay Savla Senior Vice President and Business unit head, Patni Computer Systems more>>
ST Team
R Ravichandran South Asia Sales Director, Intel more>>

Tech Buzz

ST Team
Patents touch global levels, India to get e-passports and Micheal Dell comments on India more>>

Cover Story

Pradeep Shankar
With increase in number of devices within the enterprise network, the number of ways in which information can leave an... more>>
Jayakishore Bayadi
Despite ever increasing information security threats, Indian companies are still struggling to gear up for impending new age... more>>

Cover Feature

Noted Venture Capitalists voice their views on the security space more>>
Vidya Balakrishnan
HR managers feel that giving access to Internet at work affects three major factors: productivity, bandwidth and security more>>


Amartya Sen
IT has inspired Indian industrialists to face the world economy as a potentially big participant, but it can do much more more>>
Aritra Bhattacharya
Efforts under CSR seem to be directed towards just bridging the digital divide, which leaves the larger goal of societal... more>>


Prasad Kaipa
Your success or failure to become great leaders depends upon your awareness of your core incompetence more>>


Harish Revanna
Vikram Shah, President of NetApp, believes it is not just results always, but the process of achieving it. more>>

Company Profile

Sriparna Chakraborty
Centillium engages in design, development, and supply of system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for broadband access infrastructure... more>>

In Focus

ST Team
All about wealth creation, knowledge chasm, cricket mania and you more>>

Editor's Desk

Pradeep Shankar
As newer threats emerge, the enterprise platforms are exposed to new vulnerabilities and of course, new solutions will crop up.... more>>

Last Word

Phil De La Zerda
The way ahead necessitates that every paradigm shift in hardware must find an expression in the process of software development. more>>
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