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January-2015  - Special issue
Cover Story
Author: Dylan D'Souza
According to the World Bank, the number of new businesses registered from India between 2010 -2014 was close to one lakh. This statement signifies the number of individuals or groups of individuals taking the Entrepreneurial plunge. more>>

In My Opinion

Anant Agarwal - CEO, EdX
One thing that both supporters and critics of online education agree on is that, the MOOC movement has ignited a spirited... more>>

College of the Year 2014

SI Team
The rigid base of any country's development is regarded with its education sector. Despite the decisive importance of Primary... more>>
SI Team
MBA is always a valuable investment for the future. In this fast evolving world, not many people have the time for higher... more>>
SI Team
More than 50 percent of the people who are primarily from rural villages in India do not possess a bank account where they can... more>>
SI Team
Branded as "the back bone of an economy," Agriculture contributes the highest percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of... more>>
SI Team
The number of international students enrolled in the U.S. higher education increased by eight percent to 886,052 students, in... more>>
SI Team
It is necessary for many academic disciplines to make students aware of issues associated with professional practice. This may... more>>
SI Team
The number of dentists in India is projected to rise to a steep number of 13,465 in 2020. Twenty five percent of today's... more>>
SI Team
With a boom in telecom and IT sector, the demand for Electronics and Communications (EC) and Computer Science (CS) courses were... more>>
SI Team
The Hotel Management industry is expected to create more than 70 million jobs worldwide over the next decade. In this massive... more>>
SI Team
In a run to explore new avenues for growth, business strategy of companies becomes complex and seek leaders who could take... more>>

Company of the Year 2014

SI Team
The education industry has consistently contributed to the technology industry in terms of human resources and the capability... more>>
SI Team
Sahil Kapoor always dreamed of starting his own business. With a vast experience in retail, sales and Marketing, Kapoor wanted... more>>
SI Team
Every year, close to 10,000 students attend the choice-based registration process for various subjects at KL University in... more>>

Career Guide

Dr. Kartik Ghosh - Professor and Graduate Coordinator, Missouri State University
Every institute wants all of their students to get a good job after completing their degree. However, to find a good job one... more>>

Placement Guide

Dr.V.Samuel Rajkumar - Director - Placement and Training, VIT University
Branding is considered as an important parameter for any organization to survive and sustain in the present competitive... more>>

View Point

Kamini Prasad - Chief Operating Officer – Urban Skills, Centum Learning
Most established firms and organizations today consider only 25 percent of graduates as "Employable". The big question that... more>>

career choice

Syed Rufaid - Assistant Editor, siliconindia
While the learning possibilities are growing side by side with the exploration of new market avenues for businesses, today... more>>


Sarath Syam
In this era of globalization, it is important to provide Indian students with the awareness of global standards of learning.... more>>

Campus Reporter

SI Team
For the last few years, JEE has always recorded a rise in the numbers of aspirants, even when the difference was marginal. In... more>>
SI Team
Online education is trending in India and TechNavio's report forecasts the Online Education market in India to grow at a CAGR... more>>
SI Team
The state government in Karnataka has decided to invest Rs. 4,300 crores in an education master plan, which will help improve... more>>
SI Team
Online trend of teaching, learning and other paper works, which have started engulfing many colleges all over world, India is... more>>
SI Team
However, this year three students from IIT Bombay have secured 100 percentile. Vibhu Gupta and Anurag Reddy are still students... more>>
SI Team
A first year student of MBA at IIM Shillong was selected to attend the Harvard US India Initiative Conference at New Delhi. more>>
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