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April-2016 issue
Cover Feature
Author: SI Edu Team
The Union budget has allocated Rs. 28840 crore for higher education for the financial year 2016-17 and are further distributed to the various public educational institutions and universities. Funds allocated are mostly utilized in... more>>

Leading College of the Year

SI Edu Team
Seema Dental College & Hospital recognizes the importance of expanding & disseminating knowledge which directs advances in Oral... more>>
SI Edu Team
Ever increasing power tariffs and huge amount of electricity wastage might be the heights of paradox in a country like India... more>>
SI Edu Team
Gone are the days where the classes were monotonous and governed by lectures with little or no interaction between the teacher... more>>
SI Edu Team
"Knowledge for the sake of knowledge without benefiting fellow beings is a dead end; and only leads to the blind alley of... more>>

Top 10 Colleges in AP

SI Edu Team
There are over 1500 institutes offering a varied range of courses such as engineering, medical, architecture, nursing, mass... more>>
SI Edu Team
"Transforming the lives of rural students through quality education", says, Prof. N Venkata Rao, Dean, Academics, Sasi... more>>
SI Edu Team
Hands that serve are holier than the angels, and serving society through education casts enrichment and enlightenment to the... more>>
SI Edu Team
"To make a mark in the field of technical education, we, at Pragati Engineering College, continuously adopt innovative methods... more>>

In My Opinion

Dr. Ahindra Chakrabarti - Professor - Finance & Accounting, Great Lakes Institute of Management
Business Schools transform personalities, ingrains competency in them from can do a job to getting the job done. This... more>>


Nandita Abraham - Executive Vice President, Pearl Academy
At a time when the global population is ageing rapidly, India has one of the youngest populations in the world.This is a... more>>


Sarath Syam
On April 4, The HRD Minister Smriti Irani released the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) - a first-of-its-kind... more>>
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