Startup Ideas the DFJ Would Like to Fund
By Mohanjit Jolly , Executive Director , DFJ India
Entrepreneurs often ask a fairly simple sounding question "what do I need to get DFJ excited about my idea". The answer is really...
Investments Churning the Consumer-led Market
By Anurakt Jain , Analyst , Draper Fisher Jurvetson India
Draper Fisher Jurvetson focuses on two broad investment themes in India: the first is the customer-led demand space, which includes...
A New Telecom Investment Cycle is on the Horizon
By Naimish Patel , Entrepreneur in Residence , General Catalyst Partners
Despite recent trends in the global macro-economic environment, bandwidth demand continues to double every 18 months, driven by...
For New Ventures, Scope Intensifies in B2B
By Mukul Singhal , Associate , Cannan Partners
Since last six to nine months, there is early adoption in B2B Internet ventures that are trying to organize fragmented businesses, with...
Niche Segments Emerge Fertile Grounds for Entrepreneurs
By Somak Chattopadhyay , Vice President , Greenhill SAVP
Although this recession is impacting all facets of economy, some segments of the industry are riding the tailwinds of industries that...
Want to build a high-growth enterprise that will create a lot of value?
By Arvin Babu , Partner , Greylock Advisors India
Good margins and good growth create great value. Sectors growing faster than GDP and attracting capital include traditional sectors such...
Characteristics of Successful MVAS companies in India
By Harish Gandhi , Executive Director , Canaan Partners
Mobile VAS (MVAS) presents tremendous opportunities to build new businesses in India. A lot of new VAS vendors have emerged in the...
Trends For Investment
By Promod Haque , Partner , Norwest Venture Partners
Globally, I believe that we are seeing some very interesting growth equity opportunities (particularly in India) across a wide variety of...
The Internet and the death of the 80/20
By Kevin Laws , Principal , PacRim Venture Partners
The 80/20 rule is a rule of thumb every startup should know. Economizing on time, management effort, and money has to be second nature....
Trends for investment
By Ajit Nazare , Partner , Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Different Areas of Interest * Greentech: Within Greentech, energy efficiency in form of green building materials and smart grid and...
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