New Venture Opportunities In Social Media
By Ankur Jain , Vice President , Blumberg Capital
Founded in 1991, Blumberg Capital is an early stage venture fund based in San Francisco focusing on Digital Media, Social Media,...
We Are Biased For Technology
By Rutvik Doshi , Principal , Inventus Capital
Inventus is an early stage venture capital firm investing in a broad range of businesses that leverage technology in a significant...
Transforming Healthcare Delivery and Management in Asia
By Ravindran Govindan , Chairman , Mercatus Capital
Mercatus Capital help businesses across a diverse area of services including Venture and Angel Funding, Securing Grants, Public and...
How Can Social Enterprises Impact The BoP Segment
By Vishal Mehta , Co-Founder and Partner , Lok Capital
Vishal Mehta, is the Co-founder and Partner, Lok Capital, a Gurgaon based venture capital firm. It focuses on high potential financial...
By Sasha Mirchandani , Managing Partner , Kae Capital
Sasha is Managing Partner at Kae Capital, an early seed stage fund. His specialties include early stage investing, angel investing,...
Consumer Internet Is Fascinating
By Deepak Kamra , General Partner , Canaan Partner
Deepak Kamra is a General Partner with Canaan Partners, a global venture capital firm that is an early investor in some of the world’s...
Venture Capital Today A Perspective
By Sanjay Subhedar , Co-founder & Managing Director , Storm Ventures
To understand Venture Capital today, we need to first look back at the past performance of this investment class. Historically Venture...
Misers Live Longer
By Rehan Jalil , Venture Advisor , Mayfield Fund
Trends driving Investment On the infrastructure side, new opportunities are created by hybrid enterprise and cloud networks, over the...
By Shrikant Lohokare , Ph.D., Managing Director , E-Cubed Ventures
Trends and Technologies: VC Perspective We focus on themes in Advanced Materials, Cleantech, Biosciences and some niche areas of...
The Next “BIG” Thing is the Next “SMALL” Thing
By Gaurav Shah , Group MD & CEO , DeGroup
It is totally clichéd to say, "The Indian growth story is BIG". Over the last few years, after meeting several hundred entrepreneurs and...
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