Trends And Hottest Technologies To Bet On

Sasha Mirchandani
Sasha Mirchandani
Managing Partner, 
Kae Capital
Sasha is Managing Partner at Kae Capital, an early seed stage fund. His specialties include early stage investing, angel investing, business development and deal origination. Kae Capital Invests in early stage companies which bring about innovative solutions for the existing gaps in the markets, all backed up by a great team which is capable to execute and build large businesses. Kae Capital’s connections within several industries have been of significant value for the companies they have invested in. Kae’s investments include categories in the field of healthcare, ecommerce, Services, Education, Mobile, Technology and more.

Trends of investment in the Angel/Seed stage investing

*New dedicated funds coming up that specifically focus on the Seedstage investment.

*Angel networks being formed in the cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, and Pune.

*Time taken to scale a start-up has come down significantly. It would take around 5-7 years for a company to go from a Start up to an IPO. This was earlier more than 10 years.
*It is becoming easier to raise venture financing if the company has received funds earlier from well known angel funds/groups.

*Most angel funds will be investing in the range of $300,000-500,000.

*The deals have been coming from all corners of the country and not just Bangalore and Hyderabad which were earlier the only places for starting-up.

*Interest in this new asset class in attracting investors from across the globe.

*Incubation centers and Business Plan competitions across the institutes in the country provide good platform to source the deals.

Hottest technologies to bet on

*Mobile, E-commerce and Social-Commerce, Mobile Applications, Internet based distribution are some of the sectors where growth is expected. All these sectors are consumer technology focused. Growth rates are expected to be high in this mainly because of the easier availability of the enablers (3G services, Low Cost mobile handsets), greater broadband penetration, higher adoption rate of new technology and services among the youth.

*Use of technology in Education has opened up new avenues which earlier didn’t exist. The entire education sector can be divided into segments which have very different requirements in term of the technology and hence there needs to be several solutions to cater them and not a ‘one fits for all’ technology solution.
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