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Promod Haque
Promod Haque
Norwest Venture Partners
Globally, I believe that we are seeing some very interesting growth equity opportunities (particularly in India) across a wide variety of sectors including telecom, technology, financial services, infrastructure and manufacturing. The correction in valuations has created a more viable option for VCs to invest in later stage companies. Also, given the public markets are on hold for IPOs, companies are turning to growth equity. IT-ITES outsourcing has also been a sector that has prospered in India over the last several years, and we are now beginning to see the maturity of the second-generation services market. We continue to look closely at this sector in India as we are seeing a lot of interesting businesses in this area.

Domestically, we are seeing some very interesting companies in the systems, services, software and Internet sectors. There are also some great ‘bulk up’ opportunities for existing portfolio companies in the midst of a tough economic climate. Many of our portfolio companies had successfully acquired other companies, ‘bulked up’ and grown their businesses significantly during the last downturn, and we are seeing this happen again.
Venture is a highly cyclical industry, and we believe that this is frankly the best time to invest in companies; there is a lot talent out there, quality opportunities and motivated entrepreneurs.

Hottest technologies

Infrastructure management services (IMS) is a very hot sector right now. The growing pressure on corporations to better handle the complex IT requirements demanded by internal and external regulators is accelerating the need for simplification and efficient management of IT at a low cost. We believe that 70 to 75 percent of infrastructure management opportunities can be off shored. We also believe there are tremendous opportunities when it comes to SaaS and cloud integration. Today’s companies have a dire need for integration of enterprise applications deployed in the Cloud, as SaaS, on premise or in any combination. Cloud and enterprise applications will continue to coexist in a hybrid model for a long time to come, and the need for integration technology is growing, and becoming the bridge between the two worlds.

We are also excited about some interesting technologies/companies in the network infrastructure space, the next-generation storage sector, as well as a host of emerging technologies that enable virtualized transactions for both real and virtual goods.
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Reader's comments(1)
1: Sir, I have completed my B.E in computer science few days ago and have a very great idea of a business and I'm very optimistic in terms of the success of that business very rapidly.
But the problem is the capital required for that and I want a VC to fund this project and in this regard, i have some questions following below:
1. How can i trust a VC that after seeing my business plan, he won't invest in that project on his own and reject my proposal because for him, I have nothing but a great idea and great enthusiam to be successful in that.

2. I have seen many articles saying about the contents of the good business plan but no one has the detailed description of the contents of the business plan. So, how can I get the detailed list of the contents of a business plan.

3. How to find which VC would be my true business partner and on which parameters I should choose them. Can you provide me some references of VCs interested in investing initially 1-2 crore in a business in IT field.

4. Since I am not from a business family and havn't done MBA, Would it be better to enter in business field right now or to first do MBA and then get some experience in any company and then start my own company. I don't want to wait for 5-6 years because I have threat in my mind that if someone would start that kind of business before me, then I will loose the competitive edge i would get otherwise.
Posted by:Sameer Goel - 04 Jun, 2009

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