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Top 5 Vocational Training Institutes in India 2018
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Primarily, education is aimed to give everyone an opportunity for development of their potential, thus making them eligible for employment. But India’s employment data reveals a pessimistic outlook; of 15 million people entering the labour market every year, nearly 75 percent are not job-ready. Despite the fact that a large number of India’s youth is receiving higher education, their technical and soft skills have not yet developed up to the industry standards. This wide gap in the skill set as well as the prevailing unemployment among educated youth indicate the huge need of vocational training centers.

The vocational education not only provides increased employment opportunities but also helps to fill the dearth of expertise among already employed citizens. Vocational training empowers one’s core work skills, provides industry based knowledge and supplements professional competencies, which eventually builds a talented and future-ready society.

As more technologies are emerging in the market quickly, companies are becoming more stringent and selective on placements. In this context, acquiring quality vocational training turns out to be a significant step in providing suitable and sustainable manpower corresponding to the needs of the industry and society both at national and global level. Sensing the importance of vocational education in today’s economy, Siliconindia brings you the list of ‘Top 5 Vocational Training Institutes – 2018’ with an aim to introduce most promising training institutes in this field, which can guide students to achieve greater edge in their professions. These handpicked institutes are scrutinized by a distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CEOs, Managers, and industry analysts including Siliconindia’s editorial board and are assured to impart best-in-industry knowledge and high quality training.
Top 5 Vocational Training Institutes 2018 In India 2018
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Top 5 Vocational Training Institutes 2018 In India 2018