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About the Company

Headquartered in Mumbai, EduBridge was incorporated by a group of IIM Alumni and professors with the vision to transform the lives of the unemployed youth in rural and semi-urban India. Established in 2009, the firm aspired to fulfill the skill gap that exists currently between the semi-urban economically backward youth and the skill requirements of the high-performing companies and government organizations. EduBridge’s foundation isintended at teaching skills which would be essential in any workplace ensuring that the candidates hits the ground running and stand-out as good performers against their peers at work.The organization empowers the youth to impact India’s future by walking with them towards a better life by being the first choice provider of high-quality skill and career development in every corner of the country.

Current Market Landscape

One of the major focuses of the Skill India Mission, (the Government initiative on skilling the Indian youth), is to prepare 500 mn skilled workers by 2022 since India has and will have the required workforce in the working age to become the Skill Capital of the world. Vocational training is a significant element in the country’s current education landscape to achieve these target numbers. For it to be effectively playing a role in altering this context, vocational training needs to be redefined to be more flexible, have a more contemporary approach, be relevant and up-to-date with industry needs, be able to inculcate inclusive mentalities and imbibe creativity in the process of transformation. The government is well aware of this need and has provided support towards the mentioned cause through its Skill India Mission Framework.

As less as 2.5 mn vocational training seats are available in the country while more than 7 million people are said to enter the workforce per year. It is expected that by 2020, more than eight percent of total manpower employed globally will be Indian and so it should be considered as the most opportune time to embrace and enhance the vocational training landscape across India. Advanced training institutes like the ITIs, Skill Development Academies, are already being setup across India. This is further enhanced by Government policy of mandatory participation from Corporates through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies to be a part of this initiative.

Over 90 percent of the employment opportunities need vocational skills while only 20 percent of the youth get employed upon Graduation. The youth had started to feel this gap and hence, enrolled for various stand-alone courses like Basics in Computers, Tally, English-speaking courses and more that lead us to believe that the youth was always interested in undertaking Skill Development or Vocational training programmes apart from the sector-specific knowledge they received through the education system.

With the world looking to India for fulfilling its workforce requirements, the Indian youth also sees the Skill Development Initiatives and Vocational Training landscape as an opportunity to get better jobs, lead better lives and have a better future with job opportunities in India and around the world.


Built with a vision ‘To be the first choice provider of high-quality skill and career development in every corner of India’, EduBridge offers a quire range of serviceswhich involve –

  • Training and Employment of Unemployed Youth Through Career Academies: 
    • Provide short term vocational training programs (custom developed for leading recruiters) to unemployed youth followed by employment with these recruiters.
    • The trained youth are assessed and certified jointly by leading EduBridge, NSDC, Sector Skill Council and recruiters/corporate,.
    • Each youth enrolling for the program is guaranteed placement opportunities with leading recruiters along with internship options
  • Training and Employment of College Students:
    • Provide short term vocational training programs (custom developed for leading recruiters) to youth studying in schools/colleges followed by employment with these recruiters.
    • Along with their main stream curriculum, the students are provided with vocational training to give them several employment opportunities immediately after graduation
  • Recruitment and Training For Corporates:
  • Work with leading corporate clients to solve their recruitment and training needs by providing them customised recruitment, training and other human capital related solutions through our Career Academies

Each of the courses offered by EduBridge adhere to Sector Skill Council’s (SSC’s) Qualification Pack (QP) National Occupation Standards (NOS). The courses all follow a 60:30:10 rule i.e. 60 percent life skills, 30 percent sector specific skills and 10 percent interview skills. EduBridge believes in life skills such as maintaining a positive attitude, working with people in team, professional communication skills, grooming and working with integrity are most important in any job.

Differentiating Factors

EduBridge delivers best in class training experience for the youth through experienced facilitators assisted by the EduBridge Learning Integrated Training Environment (ELITE). The company has also created its own Learning Management System (LMS) to create a better user experience. The firm’s(LMS) is a software embedded in our MIS platform, which provides training support to trainers, students and other stakeholders at the career academies.

The LMS maximizes trainers’ productivity by providing tools to assist the trainers on several counts:

  • Organizes all learning content in one secure location fully protected from any piracy
  • Ensures delivery of training as per the desired sequence and flow as the system does not allowing trainers to skip any module or move ahead without completing the previous module
  • Tracks the delivery of each module with time stamps to ensure adherence to time schedules and discipline of beginning and completing on time
  • Tracks the progress of each learner through online assessments and feedback modules
  • Capable of delivering self-learning modules for the learners
  • Provides real time intelligent feedback to the development team to continuously improve the development and delivery of our training modules

Organizational Culture

EduBridge brings the friendly environment into existence where employees get appreciated and rewarded for achievements. The firm has set up an employment equality culture where each one is welcome to put their innovative thoughts and ideas in front of management and allowed to apply them. Regular training programmes are conducted for personal grooming, development technologies and updated information.

Some of the unique features of EduBridge include –

High Quality training – Trainers and LMS

EduBridge recruits high quality mostly SSC certified trainers who undergo a 10-15 day fully residential TTT (with 12-14 hr sessions per day) before they are put up for training others. Additionally, the firm also has training managers in every region, whose core responsibility is to work with the trainer and improve the quality of training at each center. EduBridge also has created a proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) that helps to track the quality of training across all the 80+ centers. As a result of all of the above interventions, the company can confidently state that the overall output is far superior to competition.

SOPs & Process Driven Approach –

The entire organization is completely driven by SOPs and Processes in every aspect, for which the firm has also received ISO certification. EduBridge also has an online system – ELITE where all data and processes are captured on a daily basis. Additionally, the organization also conducts audits at each of the EduBridge Career Academies every month.

Quality Placements & Student Welfare –

Today, EduBridge has tie-ups with over 300 companies, many of which hire exclusively from EduBridge. Additionally, the organization also has a Student Welfare team that counsels students from day one of training till six months after joining job. Hence, this ensures that candidates’ needs are placed first in everything that is done – training, counseling, placement and post placement support.

Growth and Go – to – Market Plans

EduBridge’s growth has been steady over the years. Some of the key stages include:

2009-2011 – During this stage, EduBridge finalized its product and business model. the firm pivoted 2-3 business models and then arrived at a combination of government and corporate partnered centers. EduBridge ran five centers during this period with a team of less than 30 employees. EduBridge also partnered with NSDC in 2010.

2011 – 2015 – EduBridge grew to 20 centers in West, South and North East. Working with more than 10 government partners and about 100 recruitment partners, EduBridge has established itself as a recognized name which has been recognized as ‘The Best Startup’ from NSDC in 2012, Best Training Organization (Livelihoods category) from ICICI Foundation, CNBC TV18 in 2014 and VC funding from Acumen Fund, a social investor. The team also expanded to about 150 employees and during the latter part of this period, EduBridge also became profitable.

2015 – 2018

  • Launched DevelopmentBridge, EduBridge’sproduct to deploy CSR funds from Corporates; today EduBridge works with over 20 companies here.
  • Launched TeamBridge to recruit and train in large numbers for exclusive corporate; today EduBridge works with over 10 companies here
  • Received second round of funds from Insitor Impact Fund
  • Recently launched Guruschool, a premier Train-the-trainer School in partnership with Capgemini, HSBC and Tata Strive.
  • Grew to over 60 centers across 14 states
  • Also launched, an online counseling portal for the 1000s of college graduates across the country, helping them with important career decisions.
  • Started working with Government’s DDUGKY scheme with 2 centers in West Bengal and 1 center in Rajasthan.

For the coming years, EduBridge has launched an ambitious Vision 2020 with which the organization plans to grow to over 100 centers, transform lives of 50,000 students per year. The firm has also launched, an online counseling platform and yet to launch a product aimed to help corporate recruit in all parts of the country via an online portal. In the coming years,EduBridge will also expand theTeamBridge program and DDUGKY footprint. The firm is confident of achieving their vision of being the first choice provider of high quality skill and career development in every corner of the country.

Quick Facts:

Year of Inception – 2009

Founding Member – GirishSinghania

Office Headquarter – Mumbai

Total Headcount –  400+

Website –